RealClearScience Morning Edition

An Even Bigger Volcano Rumbles in Iceland - Andy Hooper, Telegraph
Bacterial 'Superorganism' Slowly Devours Titanic - Daily Galaxy
The Iceberg Was Only Part of Titanic's Problems - William Broad, NYT
Did Earth's Orbit Trigger Dramatic Climate Change? - Katie Lee, Cosmos
Cousins of Earth Life on Sun's Siblings? - Clara Moskowitz,
Halibut Pierced by 'Projectile Parasite' - Ditte Knudsen, ScienceNordic
Facebook Is Making Death Complicated - Jesse Emspak, Discovery News
Is It Possible to Choose Your Dreams? - Richard Wiseman, Guardian
How It Works: USB-Powered DNA Sequencer - Rebecca Boyle, PopSci
Lessons from Chocolate-Radish Experiment - Hans Villarica, The Atlantic
Newton Blog: Ditch Adderall for Mastication-Induced Arousal

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Born This Way? Nature, Nurture & Politics - Jonathan Haidt, Reason
Why Thomas Kinkade's Art Touched Many - Tom Jacobs, Miller-McCune
How Did Humans Conquer the Earth? - Paul Willis, CNN Light Years
10-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth in Colombia - Stephanie Pappas, Live Science
How the Mariana Trench Got So Deep - Richard Lovett, Nat'l Geographic
Explaining Philosophy with Minimalist Geometry - Robert Gonzalez, io9

RealClearScience The Latest Research

Quantum Computer Built Inside a Diamond - Univ. of Southern California
Social Status Alters Immune System Gene Expression - Univ. of Chicago
Plants' Insect Defenses Activated by Touch - Rice University
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