RealClearScience Morning Edition

Marijuana Activists Trumpet Phony Science - Ed Gogek, New York Times
Can the Left Purge Its Anti-Scientific Beliefs? - Jon Entine, Forbes
Does Mass Transit Really Save the Planet? - Eric Morris, Freakonomics
Solving the Problem of Irreproducible Results - Elizabeth Iorns, RCScience
How a Dead Fish Changed Brain Scan Studies - Jordi Prats, Significance
Will Disasters Hurt Climate Change Cause? - Michael Lemonick, CC
The iPod's 4,000-Pound Grandfather - Lisa Hix, Collectors Weekly
What Gives People 'The Chills'? - Martin Gardiner, Science 2.0
Isaac Newton: A 17th Century 'Dirty Harry' - Judy Dutton, Mental Floss
Rare and Iconic Photos of Albert Einstein - Adam Mann, Wired
Journal Club: U.S. vs. Europe: Who Dies More from Smoking?
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