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Monday, February 8
Are We Due for an Extinction Event? - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
This Radioactive Life - Chris Patrick, Symmetry
Why Nuclear Power Is Completely Natural - Tom Hartsfield, RCScience
The New Nuclear Energy Revolution - Ronald Bailey, Reason
2015: The Year in New Drugs - Lisa Jarvis, Chemical & Engineering News
Don't Forget About the Mycobiome - Mahmoud Ghannoum, TheScientist
Flint Shows How Public Science Is Broken - Steve Kolowich, Chronicle
How I Raised the Largest Stick Insects - Maik Fiedel, The Conversation
A Massive Underground City in Turkey - Jen Pinkowski, Mental Floss
No, the Ancient Greeks Didn't Have Laptops - Rossella Lorenzi, DNews
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Saturday, February 6
The Horrors of 'Halftime' in Ancient Rome - Cristin Aptowicz, Live Sci.
Why Have U.S. Traffic Deaths Skyrocketed? - J. Westbrook, Jalopnik
Infants See Things Adults Do Not - Marissa Fessenden, Smithsonian
Viruses: Nature's Perfect Machines - Josh Bloom, ACSH
Why It's Hard for Black Holes to Get Together - Kate Becker, Nautilus
EPA's Spill Dumped 880K Pounds of Metals in River - Dan Elliott, AP
Biotech Giant Can't Confirm High-Profile Science - M. Baker, Nature
Solenodon: Rat-Like Critter with Poisonous Bite - Matt Simon, Wired
New Estimate Boosts Human Memory 10x - Jeneen Interlandi, SciAm
10 Deep Facts About the Great Lakes - Benjamin Lampkin, Mental Floss
Friday, February 5
Should Biologists Stop Grouping Us by Race? - Sharon Begley, Stat
A Rare Allergy to Vibrations - Alexandra Ossola, Popular Science
How Phantom Limbs Explain Consciousness - M. Graziano, Atlantic
Mystery Invaders Redrew Map of Europe - Cosmos Magazine
Muonium: The Most Exotic Atom? - Jon Butterworth, Guardian
The Myth of the Strong, Self-Reliant Loner - Kimberley Brownlee, Aeon
In Opposition to Flat-Earthers - Brendan Foht, Hedgehog Review
History Giveth and the Sea Taketh Away - Elizabeth Preston, Hakai
UK Approves Gene Editing of Human Embryos - Emma Stoye, C-World
Holmes, Sr: Huffing Ether & Receiving Wisdom - Jack El-Hai, W&M
Thursday, February 4
All Right, Mosquitoes. This Time It's War - Alex Berezow, USA Today
Guinea Worm: Edging Toward Eradication - The Economist
Now Dr. Oz Is Against Fluoride, Too? - Hank Campbell, ACSH
The Quest to Clone a 3,000-Year-Old Tree - Antony Funnell, ABC
Video Shows Only Known Wild U.S. Jaguar - Astrid Galvan, AP
Mystery of Deep Sea 'Purple Sock' Solved - Rebecca Morelle, BBC News
A Major Nerd Fight over Evolution - Matt Simon, Wired
Destroying Old Cells Makes Mice Live Longer - Ewen Callaway, Nature
New NASA Spacecraft Propelled by Light - Mark Strauss, NatGeo
Pope Francis: Pro-Science or Anti-Modern? - M.A. Mills, New Atlantis
Wednesday, February 3
The Science of Hillary's Coin Toss Victories - Ethan Siegel, SWaB!
4,500-Year-Old Boat Found Near Pyramids - Rossella Lorenzi, D-News
Scientists Debate Signatures of Alien Life - Natalie Wolchover, Quanta
The Superfluid Universe - Sabine Hossenfelder, Aeon Magazine
Zika Virus Sexually Transmitted in Texas - Sandee LaMotte, CNN
Studying the Heart of El Nino - Henry Fountain, New York Times
Only 3 Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtles Left - Scott Harris, NatGeo
Long-Term Pot Use Linked to Poor Verbal Memory - K. Doyle, Reuters
Blowing Up Your Labmate: Bad, But Really Fun - Josh Bloom, ACSH
15 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Dentists - Jake Rossen, Mental Floss
Tuesday, February 2
Denialism at the Heart of Environmentalism - Jon Entine, HuffPo
Reaching the End of the Periodic Table - Devin Powell, Smithsonian
More Guns Linked to More Mass Shootings - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Physics of Brain Wrinkles Copied in a Jar - Jonathan Webb, BBC News
The Genetics of Decapitated Skeletons - Taylor Kubota, Live Science
How Do Giraffes Defy Gravity? - Emily DeMarco, Inside Science
Ancient Arachnid Erection Enshrined in Amber - P. Monahan, Science
Is Theranos Finished? Five Telltale Signs - Rebecca Robbins, Stat
Blizzard Was a 'Multi-Billion-Dollar' Disaster - Brian Kahn, CC
The Disturbing Disinvitation of Dawkins - Emma Williams, Quillette
Monday, February 1
A Glimpse at Nuclear Power's Bright Future - Ron Bailey, Reason
Is the Earth Flat? Test It for Yourself - Tom Hartsfield, RCScience
Is the Neutrino Its Own Antiparticle? - Signe Brewster, Symmetry
The Physics of the Fastest Carnivorous Plant - Dan Oberhaus, Mboard
Proposal Could Change Medical Science - Harlan Krumholz, NPR
Deciphering the Language of the Brain - Simon Makin, Sci American
Teens Aren't Ruining Language - Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic
Do Animals Go to War? - Liz Langley, National Geographic
Bill Maher Promotes AIDS Quack - Virginia Hughes, BuzzFeed
How Thunderstorms Trigger Asthma Epidemics - Ross Pomeroy, RCS
RCS Quiz: Name the Six NASA Space Shuttles
Saturday, January 30
Beyond #118: The Next Row of Elements - Katrina Kramer, C-World
Lasers Could Stop Asteroids Hitting Earth - Charles Choi, ISNS
Gigantic Gas Cloud to Collide with Milky Way - Jason Major, D-News
Cybersecurity: Age of the Mega-Breach - David Talbot, MIT Tech Rev.
The Math of February 29 - Tony Mann, Plus Magazine
Zika Facts to Calm and Terrify You - Madeleine Johnson, Slate
When Will We Have a Zika Vaccine? - Claire Maldarelli, PopSci
Race to Reverse Antibiotic Resistance - Kiona Smith-Strickland, D-Brief
Big Sperm or Tiny Sperm? A Hypothesis - Brian Resnick, Vox
Even Middle Agers Didn't Believe in Flat Earth - Douglas Main, N'week
Friday, January 29
How to Survive Solitary Confinement - Susie Neilson, Nautilus
Unscrambling 2nd Law of Thermodynamics - B. Brewer, Quillette
'Ecorithm': The Algorithms of Life - John Pavlus, Quanta Magazine
Winemaking: The Perfect Time to Harvest Grapes - The Economist
Could More Breastfeeding Save Lives? - Eric Boodman, Stat
A Bizarre Desert-Dwelling Fish - Laurel Hamers, Science News
How to Prove Zika-Microcephaly Link - Dina Fine Maron, SciAm
Diving Between Two Tectonic Plates - Cosmos Magazine
Babylonians Tracked Jupiter with Geometry - M. Greshko, NatGeo

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