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Tuesday, October 21
The Healthiest Diet 'Proven' by Science - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Ebola: Separating Fact from Fiction - Katherine Hobson, NatGeo
Cold Sores Linked to Dementia - Eva Stromsted, ScienceNordic
Medical Diplomacy: A Tool for U.S. Foreign Policy - Boer Deng, Slate
Pentagon: Climate Change Poses Immediate Risk - Brian Kahn, CC
'Dust Bowl' Was Worst Drought in 1,000 Yrs - Hannah Hoag, Nature
The British Solution to Grade Inflation - Heidi Tworek, The Atlantic
How to Create Curved Spacetime in the Lab - arXiv Blog
Could Life Exist 15M Years After Big Bang? - Ker Than, ISNS
The History of the 'Bearded Lady' - Helen King, Wonders & Marvels
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Monday, October 20
Liberals or Conservatives More Anti-Vaccine? - Alex Berezow, RCS
An Ebola Flight Ban Wouldn't Work - Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight
Ebola Highlights Distrust of Medicine - David Oshinsky, Wall St Jrnl
The Ebola Conspiracy Theories - Alan Feuer, New York Times
Earthquake Prediction: Fact and Fiction - Christina Boyes, RCScience
Fossils Rewrite History of Penetrative Sex - Daniel Cressey, Nature News
The Site Keeping Consumer Genetics Alive - A. Regalado, MIT Review
Hidden Light: The Key to Dark Matter? - Michael Byrne, Motherboard
The Four Most Frightening Studies - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Saturday, October 18
Puppy-Sized Spider Surprises Scientist - Tanya Lewis, LiveScience
Are Your Bacteria Jet-Lagged? - Elizabeth Norton, Science Now
Reheated Pasta May Be Less Fattening - Michael Mosley, BBC News
American Schools Are Teaching All Wrong - David Edwards, Wired
How To Stop Winning Nobel Prizes - Chu & Cech, Wall Street Journal
Not All Science Is Created Equal - John Ioannidis, Chemistry World
X-37B Space Plane Returns to Earth - Devin Coldewey, NBC News
Why Quarantines Don't Work Well - Eric Niiler, Discovery News
Braggers Don't Think They're Annoying - Melissa Dahl, Sci of Us
Newton Blog: Hilariously Stupid Science Questions #5
Friday, October 17
The Left Continues to Leave Science Behind - Hank Campbell, S2.0
Why the CDC Chief Must Be Fired - Ford Vox, CNN
Ebola May Hit 10K Cases per Week in Africa - Welch & Jervis, USAT
Resurrecting Smallpox May Be Quite Easy - Leonard Adleman, NYT
Designer Viruses: The New Antibiotics? - Luc Henry, Conversation
'Plasma Bombs' and 'Tornadoes' Detected on Sun - Stuart Gary, ABC
Dark Matter Detected in Sun's Core? - Ian Sample, Guardian
A Visionary's Poor Vision, 1685 - Jyoti Madhusoodanan, The Scientist
Hilariously Stupid Science Questions #5 - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Thursday, October 16
Moon Volcanoes Erupted in Dinosaur Era? - Megan Gannon, Space
Bronze Age Sundial-Moondial Found - Stephanie Pappas, Live Science
ISIS Looting Archaeological Treasures - David Kohn, New Yorker
11 Questions for CDC's Dr. Frieden - Cohen & Kupferschmidt, Science
Tiny Animal Lives Only on Driftwood - Elizabeth Preston, Inkfish
Universities Must Evolve in Order to Survive - Nature News
Fluorescent DNA Becomes Metal Detector - Andy Extance, C-World
EPA Approves New GMO System - Jon Entine, Genetic Literacy Project
Hacked T-Cells Hunt Down Cancer - Elizabeth Lopatto, The Verge
How Much Would You Pay Not to Die in 3 Hours? - J. Kluger, Time
Wednesday, October 15
American Suicide: Does Anybody Care? - Gregg Zoroya, USA Today
Learn Some Skepticism, Generation TED - Julian Baggini, Aeon
Climate Models Underplay Plant CO2 Absorption - M. McGrath, BBC
Why Laser Fusion Power Is So Difficult - Tom Hartsfield, RCScience
Artificial Intelligence Shown in Quantum Computer - arXiv Blog
From Butterfly Wing to Anti-Counterfeiting - Tim Wogan, P-World
Spiders Break Through Our Blind Spots - Nala Rogers, Inside Science
Meet the 10-Foot-Tall 'Terror Birds' - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Why Do We Spare Civilians in War? - Irene Petersen, ScienceNordic
Don't Yell 'I Have Ebola' on a Crowded Bus - Elahe Izadi, WaPo
Tuesday, October 14
Airport Ebola Screens Are Designed to Fail - Josh Bloom, Science 2.0
CDC Chief: We Must Rethink Ebola Protocols - Nutt et al., WaPo
A Real Life Cave of Death - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Getting Cancer at San Francisco Airport - Alex Berezow, RCScience
Ancient 'Storm God' Temple Found in Israel? - Owen Jarus, Live Sci.
When Racism Was a Science - Joshua Krisch, New York Times
Banned: Female Sprinter Has Too Much Testosterone - A. Noe, NPR
Game Theory Explains Nuclear Weapons - Marianne Freiberger, Plus
New Fusion Reactor Cheaper than Coal? B.S. - Tom Hartsfield, RCS
Ancient Currents Brought Icebergs to Florida - Mark Zastrow, Nature
Monday, October 13
How Will Black Holes Die? - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
The Problem With Ebola In The Media - Alice Walton, Forbes
Can Celiac Disease Affect the Brain? - Moises Velasquez-Manoff, NYT
Suicide Epidemic: Make Guns Harder to Get - Alex Berezow, RCSci.
Actually, People Still Like to Think - Ferris Jabr, New Yorker
Scablands: A Landscape as Strange as Fiction - S. Johnson, Ars Tech
What Really Drives Academic Citations? - Neuroskeptic, Discover
The Nobel Prize and Airport Security - Clara Moskowitz, SciAm
Frozen Poop Pills Fight Infections - Nancy Shute, NPR
Further Reading: Six Scary Science Books for Halloween
Saturday, October 11
Why We Should Stop Dating Online - Sarah Knapton, Telegraph
Z Machine Makes Progress to Fusion - Daniel Clery, Science Now
Microsoft's Secret Quantum Quest - Tom Simonite, MIT Tech Review
Why Does an Immunologist Reject Vaccines? - Harriet Hall, S-B Med
The Diseaseome Trumps the Genome - Cynthia Graber, PBS NOVA
Some Surgeries No Better Than a Placebo - Aaron Carroll, NY Times
Stem Cells Offer Chance for Diabetes Cure - K. Weintraub, Nat Geo
Two Villages Unearthed in Arizona Park - Blake de Pastino, West Digs
The $9.7 Trillion Climate Problem - Brian Kahn, Climate Central

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