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Saturday, October 22
Black Holes Might Create New Universes - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Supernovae Study Questions Dark Energy - Hamish Johnston, P-World
What If There Was a Gamma Ray Burst Nearby? - A. Doyle, Astrobio
Quit Calling Exoplanets "Earth-Like" - Nathaniel Scharping, Discover
Hawking Wants to Stop A.I. From Killing Us - Glenn McDonald, Seeker
Nonsense Paper Accepted by Physics Conference - Elle Hunt, Guardian
DNA Evidence Is Far From Foolproof - Nancy Bazilchuk, ScienceNordic
What Your Lips Might Say About You - Julie Leibach, Science Friday
Two-Headed Shark Is First of Its Kind - Brian Clark Howard, Nat Geo
Is This Economist Too Far Ahead of His Time? - David Wescott, Chron
RCS Quiz: 10 U.S. Cities With Population Over 1 Million
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Friday, October 21
Political Polls Aren't Scientific - Alex Berezow, ACSH
Solar System's Oddest Asteroid Has Water - Mika McKinnon, Astronomy
The Bizarre Purple Life of Deep Ocean Trenches - Matt McGrath, BBC
EU/Ru Mars Probe Crash Neither Disaster nor Success - The Economist
Please Don't Feed Your Pets Pot - Kate Baggaley, Pop Science
First Right-Handed Humans Found? - Eva Botkin-Kowacki, CSM
Landslides Spotted on Pluto's Moon - Calla Cofield,
Psychiatry Has Become a Loaded Term - Nathaniel Morris, Sci Am
How a Volcano Stopped an Earthquake - Mindy Weisberger, Live Science
Giant Dinos Crossed Antarctic to Australia - Michael Greshko, Nat Geo
RCS Quiz: What Are the Five Element Families?
Thursday, October 20
Monkey-Made 'Tools' Fool Archaeologists - Ewen Callaway, Nature
Mysterious Planet 9 May Have Tilted the Sun - Shannon Stirone, Astro
Even More Galaxies Not Solution to Dark Matter - Ethan Siegel, SWaB!
3D Printed Kidneys One Step Closer to Reality - Mike Orcutt, MIT Review
Europe's First Mars Mission: Triumph and Worry - Amina Khan, LAT
First Denali Park Dino Bones Found - Laura Geggel, Live Science
Lack of Vitamin D Linked to Depression - Ian Johnston, Independent
Pain Might Be Contagious Among Mice - Eric Boodman, Stat
New Horizons Spots Clouds and Fog on Pluto - Richard Lovett, Cosmos
How Hot Is Lightning? - Yuen Yiu, Inside Science
Wednesday, October 19
Tasmanian Devil Milk Could Create Superbug Cure - BBC News
2 Years Later Orbital ATK's Perfect Launch Stuns - Eric Berger, Ars Tech
Weight-Loss Surgery Has Helpful Side Effect? - Meredith Knight, SA
Ultraviolet Images Show Spooky Martian Glow - Susmita Baral, IBT
Venus' Violent Volcanoes Mirror Earth - Nathaniel Scharping, Astronomy
Plants Excel Over Humans in Risk Management - Alex Berezow, ACSH
Babies Listen Better to Native Speakers - Melissa Healy, LA Times
Early Humans Dared African Lava Flows - Belinda Smith, Cosmos
DNA and Cave Paintings Unlock Bison Lineage - Emma Marris, Nature
Comet Outbursts Likely Caused by Landslides - Mike Wall,
Tuesday, October 18
The USSR Tried to Invent the Internet & Failed - Benjamin Peters, Aeon
New Guinea Natives See Faces Differently? - Michael Price, Science Mag
A Photo Field Guide to Beautiful Nebulae - Ethan Siegel, SWaB!
New Moons Found in Rings of Uranus - Charlotte England, Independent
Japanese Scientists Build Sweaty Robot - Weston Williams, CSM
EU & Ru to Land First Mars Probe This Week - Elizabeth Gibney, Nature
Lebanon's Anomalous Early Space Program - Peter Schwartzstein, SM
Fix Cow Methane Production With GMO Feed - Patrick Kiger, Seeker
Are IV Water & Vitamin Injections Snake Oil? - Taunya English, NPR
How Do the Parties Divide on Science? - Lauren Griffin, Conversation
Monday, October 17
Strange Voids Found in Great Pyramid - Rossella Lorenzi, D-News
Polar Explorer's Sunken Ship Sails Again - Megan Gannon, Sci Am
What Color Were the Vikings' Houses? - Johanne Kusnitzoff, SciNordic
Bacteria and Humans Swapping DNA for Millennia - The Scientist
What Was the Biggest Insect That Ever Lived? - Liz Langley, Nat Geo
Gooey Origins for RNA World - Anthony King, Chemistry World
A New Generation of Radio Telescopes - Francis Graham-Smith, Am Sci
The Best Microscopic Images of 2016 - John Timmer, Ars Technica
Saturday, October 15
A Strange Signal From 234 Stars - Shannon Hall, NewScientist
The Hidden Glaciers of Mars - Matt Williams, Universe Today
We Still Don't Understand Sonoluminesence - Yvette Cendes, Sci Am
Everlasting Quantum Coherence Demonstrated - Lisa Zyga, PhysOrg
Capitalism Behaving Badly - David Rotman, MIT Technology Review
Spectacular Cave Art Found in Spain - BBC News
A New Generation of Depression Drugs - The Economist
Five Math Problems Nobody Can Solve - Avery Thompson, Pop Mech
The Unappreciated Brilliance of Rats - Brandon Keim, Anthropocene
Science Is Not Colonialism - Steven Novella, Neurologica
Friday, October 14
Prehistoric Climate Change Caused by Comet Impact? -
Homeopathic Teething Gel Killed 10 Babies? - Beth Mole, Ars Technica
Extrasolar Planet's Rings Spin Backwards - Elizabeth Howell,
Can Spiders Hear You Scream in Fear? - Eva Botkin-Kowacki, CSM
People Who Can't Recognize Faces Help Science - Erin Brodwin, BI
One Cell Organisms Have Multicellular Tools - Laurel Hamers, Sci News
UK Considers Science King of Funding Position - Erik Stokstad, Science
Ebola Drug's Clinical Trial: Inconclusive - Karen Kaplan, LA Times
Researcher's Lament Leads to Lyme Impostor - Charles Piller, Sci Am
Thursday, October 13
Where Does Our Arrow-of-Time Come From? - Ethan Siegel, SWaB!
Boomers Don't Work Harder Than Millennials - Ross Pomeroy, RCSci
How to Classify Tiny Prehistory 'Beardogs?' - Stephanie Pappas, LiveSci
WikiLeaks Reveals Hillary's Anti-GMO Ties - Alex B. Berezow, ACSH
The Moon Takes Hits More Than We Thought - Charles Choi,
You Can Now Join the First Space Nation - Daniel Clery, Science Mag
'Death Star' Moon Teaches About Asteroid Impacts - Rob Verger, FOX
Three-Person Baby Procedures Are Dangerous - James Gallagher, BBC
CRISPR May Cure Sickle Cell Anemia - Deborah Netburn, LA Times
Could Dinosaurs Really Roar? - Eva Botkin-Kowacki, Christian Sci Mon
Wednesday, October 12
Strange Ancient Lease Carved in Stone - Annalee Newitz, Ars Tech
A Private Space Telescope to Take One Picture - Kenneth Chang, NYT
Another Bogus SETI Signal (Probably) - John Wenz, Astronomy
Obama Now Wants Canceled Mars Mission Back? - Andrew Follett, DC
Facial Recognition Software Abuse Beginning - Laura Mills, WSJ
Original CMB Evidence Mistaken for Pigeon Poop - Ali Sundermier, BI
The UN Wants to Tax Gatorade, Tea, Lemonade Too - Karen Kaplan, LAT
Making the Second Even More Accurate - Ian Johnston, Independent
What You Do With Radiation-Resistant Space Fungi - Shayla Love, Stat
Analysis of Chicxulub Crater Rock Begins - Jonathan Amos, BBC News

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