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Monday, November 30
Scientists Can't Explain P-Values - Christie Aschwanden, 538
How to Solve a Rubik's Cube in Seconds - Geoff Smith, Conversation
The Bacteria that Live in Your Coffee Maker - Alex Berezow, RCScience
Summit to Discuss Human Gene-Editing - Ian Sample, Guardian
The Case for Testing Drugs on Pregnant Women - E. Anthes, Mosaic
The Gory Reality of Space Surgery - Richard Hollingham, BBC Future
The Mystery of Blue Tarantulas - Nadia Drake, National Geographic
Doomsday Material Is Actually a Hoax - C.J. Chivers, NY Times Mag
Will Paris Climate Talks Save the Oceans? - Eric Holthaus, Slate
Paris Talks Will Emit 300K Tons of Carbon - Nick Stockton, Wired
Quiz: What Are the Six Alkali Metals?
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Saturday, November 28
Dangerous Climate Change Is Very Far Away - Matt Ridley, SciAm
Potent Pot May Damage Brain's Nerve Fibres - Ian Sample, Guardian
Light Speed Travel In Einstein's Universe - Geraint Lewis, Conv'sation
How We'll Make Gene-Edited People - Antonio Regalado, MIT Review
Ten Things You Didn't Know About Einstein - The Week
Scientists Find 6 New Types of Brain Cells - Will Herkewitz, Pop Mech
Inequality Makes Wealthy Less Generous - Tom Jacobs, PS Mag
Lakes Expanding Dangerously in Everest - Navin Singh Khadka, BBC
No Reason Why GMOs Can't Be Organic - Mischa Popoff, Daily Caller
What Do Centenarians Know That We Don't? - K. Weintraub, Nat Geo
Friday, November 27
Is It True that Jupiter Protects Earth? - Deborah Byrd, EarthSky
General Relativity: The Most Beautiful Theory - The Economist
Cleaning Up Our Huge Nitrogen Mess - Oliver Morton, Intelligent Life
We Will Burn Our 'Carbon Budget' in 25 Years - G. Borschmann, ABC
Finger Prick Blood Tests May Be Inaccurate - Beth Mole, Ars Technica
The Neuroscience of Terrorism - Lindsay Kalter, Boston Herald
Algorithm Predicts Marital Success from Voice - M. Murgia, Telegraph
This Year, Be Thankful for Physical Constants - Shannon Hall, SciAm
Native Americans Raised Turkeys, But Not to Eat - J. Viegas, D-News
Why King Tut's Death Rocked Egypt - A.R. Williams, NatGeo
Wednesday, November 25
How Einstein's Theory Explains the Universe - Bernie Hobbs, ABC
Scientific Consensus Is Almost Never Wrong - Joel Shurkin, ISNS
'Outsiders' Crack 50-Year-Old Math Problem - Erica Klarreich, Quanta
Scientific Faith vs. Religious Faith - Paul Bloom, The Atlantic
Retracted Papers Hooked Up to 'Lie Detector' - Matthew Gunther, CW
Mutagenic Chain Reaction Takes on Mosquitoes - Beth Mole, Ars Tech.
Scientists Create 'Franken-Flatworms' - Stephanie Pappas, Live Sci.
Do Gut Bacteria Control Your Appetite? - Brian Handwerk, S'sonian
Non-Newtonian Goo Could Save Astronauts - Lydia Chain, PopSci
The Best Science Toys - Tom Hartsfield, RealClearScience
Tuesday, November 24
Ability to Drink Milk Came from Russians - Anna Salleh, ABC Science
The Earliest Evidence of Human Logic - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
How Earth's Hidden Magma Ocean Formed - Charles Choi, Live Sci.
Is Earth Growing a Dark Matter 'Beard'? - Ian O'Neill, Discovery News
How Synthetic Flavors Changed Our World - Nadia Berenstein, PopSci
Wild Turkeys Struck It Lucky in America - Lesley Ogden, NewScientist
Salmon Approval Heralds Rethink of GMOs - Heidi Ledford, Nature
Tardigrade: A Sponge for Foreign Genes - Ed Yong, The Atlantic
Demographics Rule the Global Economy - Greg Ip, Wall Street Journal
Cachexia: Why Cancer Patients Waste Away - Alex Berezow, RCSci.
Monday, November 23
The Last Antibiotic Begins to Fail - Maryn McKenna, Phenomena
We Blew It With Ebola - Sarah Zhang, Wired
Microbes Paint Flamingo Feathers Pink - Alex Berezow, RCScience
Are Aliens Hiding in Starlight? - Marcus Woo, BBC Future
No, NASA Did Not Just Photograph a UFO - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Why NASCAR Is the 'Anti-NASA' - Jessica Orwig, Business Insider
Confirming Einstein's Last Unproven Idea - Robin McKie, Guardian
The Information Theory of Life - Kevin Hartnett, Quanta Magazine
The Return of Electroshock Therapy - Dan Hurley, The Atlantic
Why Almost Everyone Cheats a Little Bit - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Saturday, November 21
The Incredible Intelligence of Pigs - Colvin & Marino, Natural History
The Largest Whale Stranding Ever - Brian Clark Howard, Nat Geo
Bionic Roses Implanted with Circuits - Katherine Bourzac, Nature
Will Computers Solve Chess? - Tom Whipple, Intelligent Life
Three Ways a Star Wars Starkiller Could Work - Rhett Allain, Wired
Einstein's First Proof - Steven Strogatz, The New Yorker
Does Alcohol Make You Better in Bed? - Sally Adams, The Guardian
Sleeping in on Weekends Tied to Health Problems - Beth Mole, ArsT
L'Aquila Quake Scientists Cleared for Good - E. Cartlidge, Sci Insider
The People Who Reshaped Their Heads - Melissa Hogenboom, BBC
RCS Quiz: The Most Common Elements in the Human Body
Friday, November 20
What Is a Black Hole, Mathematically? - Pau Figueras, Plus Magazine
Moon's Far Side Looks Different Thanks to Physics - E. Siegel, SWaB!
Terrifying Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs - Peter Holley, WP
Nature's Critical Warning System - Natalie Wolchover, Quanta Mag
Science Is Fighting the Wildest Wildfires - Kyle Dickman, PopSci
Functional Vocal Cord Tissue Grown in Lab - Emily DeMarco, Science
Yes, Chimps Have Helped Medical Research - Karen Weintraub, Stat
What a Dead Whale Can Teach Us About Life - Sarah Gilman, S'sonian
A Buddhist and a Hindu Walk into a Room... - Rose George, SciAm
Happiest Couples Have Sex Once Per Week - Alan Yuhas, Guardian

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