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Friday, October 9
Are Humans Ex-Apes? - Barbara King, NPR
First Ancient African Genome Solves Mystery - Rebecca Morelle, BBC
The Dark Side of DNA Databases - Erin Murphy, The Atlantic
Antioxidants May Make Cancer Worse - Melinda Moyer, SciAm
Shipwreck: Clues to Lost Expedition of 1800s? - Heather Pringle, NG
The Earthquake That Changed Mexico - Christina Boyes, RCScience
Pluto Has Skies of Blue and Red Ice Too - Sarah Fecht, PopSci
Chili Pepper: Friend or Foe? - William Kremer, BBC News
Nobel Prize Doesn't Validate Chinese Medicine - Josh Bloom, S2.0
How Scientists Can Stop Fooling Themselves - Regina Nuzzo, Nature
RCS Quiz: What Are the Eight Heaviest Land Mammals?
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Thursday, October 8
Biggest Mystery of Mathematics Solved? - Davide Castelvecchi, Nature
Golden Ratio: Design's Biggest Myth - John Brownlee, Fast Company
Soviet Spy Behind 2015 Physics Nobel? - Ray Jayawardhana, Atlantic
CDC's Disgusting & Dishonest Anti-Smoking Ads - Joel Keller, Slate
Sex on 'Off' Days May Increase Pregnancy Chance - Ariana Cha, WP
Creating Virtual Reality for Mice - Faye Flam, MIT Technology Review
Mass Extinction: It's Complicated - The Economist
The Hunt for Another Living Earth - Corey Powell, Out There
Why Can't We Feel the Earth Spinning? - Caitlin Schneider, M-Floss
Airbus' Hellish New Airplane Seat Arrangement - Chris Ziegler, Verge
Wednesday, October 7
What Killed Mars? - Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic
Harvard Debate Team Loses to NY Inmates - Collin Binkley, AP
Disproved Discoveries That Won Nobel Prizes - Ross Pomeroy, RCSci
Are There Health Benefits to Tea? - Aaron Carroll, New York Times
Is There Any 'Instant' Sunlight? - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
Ferroelectricity Discovered on Nanoscale - Belle Dume, Physics World
Ants Survive Floods on Giant Rafts - Brian Howard, Nat'l Geographic
Bacteria in Atmosphere Cause Rain - Lise Brix, ScienceNordic
The Mutant Genes Behind the Black Death - Carrie Arnold, Quanta
'Prehistoric Beaver' Helped Us Inherit the Earth - S. Brusatte, Conv.
Tuesday, October 6
Einstein's Gravitational Waves Remain Elusive - Alan Duffy, Cosmos
Angry Little Stars Could Still Support Life - Ian O'Neill, D-News
The Primordial Soup Was Edible - Alex Berezow, RealClearScience
The Brain that Shot President Garfield - Brian Resnick, Nat'l Journal
Assisted Death Laws Won't Make Dying Easier - Nick Stockton, Wired
Plant Uses Raindrops to Eat Ants - Webb & Gill, BBC News
A Coming Military Space Race? - Erica Vowles, ABC Science
1st Ever Exoplanet Found 20 Yrs Ago Today - WJ Campbell, 1995 Blog
Dowsing for Water: A Test of Faith and Science - Lois Parshley, Aeon
7 Movies that Sent People Running Out of Theaters - Jake Rossen, MF
Monday, October 5
Is It Better to Be Short or Tall? - David Robson, BBC Future
Sex Differences in the Brain - Margaret M. McCarthy, The Scientist
How an All-Nighter Changes Your Brain - Emilie Reas, PLoS Blogs
The Battle Over Genome Editing - Sarah Zhang, Wired
Animal Rights Activists Behave Like Stalkers - Alex Berezow, RCSci.
Michigan Farmer Finds Mammoth Bones - John Counts, Mich Live
What Science Says About Gun Violence - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
How Not to Win a Nobel Prize - Bernie Hobbs, ABC Science
Could the Universe Be Lopsided? - Paul Halpern, PBS NOVA
Pooping in Space Used to Be Really Hard - Amy Shira Teitel, Pop Sci
Saturday, October 3
Are Space and Time Discrete? - Sabine Hossenfelder, PBS
How Will Humans Get Off Mars? - Mark Strauss, National Geographic
Nazis Weren't Close to Making Atomic Bomb - Celia Arnaud, CE News
Moonlight Makes Things Colder? Lunacy! - Positron, Physics Central
Does Heroin Really Kill? - Ryan Cooper, The Week
The Mummies of Bronze Age Britain - Maya Wei-Haas, Smithsonian
The Problems with Big Science Awards - Vinay Prasad, N.Y. Times
Revealed: An Ancient Mega-Tsunami - Emma Brown, Nature News
When Evolution Is Infectious - Moises Velasquez-Manoff, Nautilus
It Was Easier to Be Thin in the 1980s - Olga Khazan, The Atlantic
Friday, October 2
Why Many Americans Claim Cherokee Blood - Greg Smithers, Slate
Is Homo naledi a New Species? Maybe Not - Glen Martin, California
Charon: Dark Moon with a Dark Past - Nadia Drake, Phenomena
Saving Humanity from a Bacterial Apocalypse - Ferris Jabr, FP
Molecules: The Possibilities Are Limitless - Philip Ball, Chem. World
Plastic Filth Fills the Oceans - David Shukman, BBC News
Climate Warriors Embrace Civil Disobedience - Mark Hertsgaard, DB
Dan Rather Attacks GOP & Dems for Being Anti-Science - ACSH
Can Digital Books Ever Replace Print? - Craig Mod, Aeon Magazine
Mexico's 13-Year-Old Psychologist - Jan-Albert Hootsen, Global Post
Thursday, October 1
Something Strange Happening Inside Saturn - Sarah Lewin, Space
Mars: From Lush Oasis to Arid Desert - Laura Geggel, Live Science
1,500-Year-Old Mosaic Map Found - Rossella Lorenzi, Discovery News
Why You Shouldn't Treat a Fever - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Tetanus, the Grinning Death - Rebecca Kreston, Body Horrors
Laser Could Spot Cancer in Breath - Edwin Cartlidge, Physics World
What Tinnitus, Chronic Pain Have in Common - Jordan Rosenfeld, MF
Whole Genome Sequence in 26 Hours - Claire Maldarelli, PopSci
How TV Makes Us Think About Our Jobs - Bruce Robbins, Aeon
Dogs Prefer to Watch People Hugging, Not Dogs - V. Morell, Science
Wednesday, September 30
Antikythera Shipwreck Yields New Treasures - M. Wei-Haas, S'sonian
King Tut's Tomb Hints at Hidden Chambers - Peter Hessler, NatGeo
A Murder at the American Physical Society - Sarah Scoles, Atlantic
Space: Final Frontier and Political Odyssey - Erica Vowles, ABC Sci.
A Limit to the Problems Computers Can Solve - John Pavlus, Quanta
Could War Games Replace the Real Thing? - Jonathon Keats, Nautilus
A Discovery or a Statistical Fluke? - Sarah Charley, Symmetry
Terrorist Biohackers Aren't a Problem - Zian Liu, Bulletin Atomic Sci.
2015 MacArthur 'Genius' Award Winners - Emma Brown, Nature
A Nation of Tall Cheese-Eaters - Ben Coates, BBC News
Tuesday, September 29
Four Mysteries of the Human Body - Cari Nierenberg, Live Science
Vaccine Schedule Not Linked to Autism - Alex Berezow, RCScience
What Space Travel Would Do to Your Brain - Alexandra Ossola, PopSci
'Wiring Diagrams' Link Lifestyle to Brain Function - Sara Reardon, Nature
Should Scientific Truth Be Subjected to a Vote? - Anthony Mills, RCS
Nanoparticle Sunscreen Is Stronger, Safer - Hanae Armitage, Science
Why Technophobes Are Always Wrong - Hunter Oatman-Stanford, CW
How Fossils Reveal Colors of Dinosaurs - Cari Romm, The Atlantic
Why You Might Want a Hookworm - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Is Pornography Changing Our Society? - The Economist

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