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Monday, September 1
The Truth: Drinking Is Healthy - Stanton Peele, Pacific Standard
Modified DNA Can Make Fat People Slim - Bo Christensen, SciNordic
The Physics of Proton Therapy - Jon Butterworth, The Guardian
Genes Reveal Mysterious Paleo-Eskimos - Joel Achenbach, Wash Post
Fixing Climate Requires a Change in Diet - Michael Byrne, Mboard
Global Warming Will Now Be Non-Stop - Michael Slezak, NewScientist
Climate Adaptation Costs Same as Mitigation - Ron Bailey, Reason
On 25 Years of Cold Fusion Research - Buzz Skyline, Physics Central
Man Born With Brain Split in Half - Christian Jarrett, Wired
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Saturday, August 30
Does Nothingness Actually Exist? - Leon Horsten, Nautilus
Libertarianism Is the Enemy of Science - David R. Grimes, Guardian
Libertarians Hate Science? Codswallop. - Ronald Bailey, Reason
Ebola Drug 100% Effective in Study - Marilynn Marchione, AP
Why There's No HIV Cure Yet - Alison Hill, PBS NOVA
Why Doctors Are Sick of Their Profession - Sandeep Jauhar, WSJ
Diet Cults vs. Science-Based Eating - Harriet Hall, Sci-Based Medicine
The Secrets of Fake Flavors - Chris Baraniuk, BBC Future
100-Foot Sea Creature Deploys Net of Death - Matt Simon, Wired
Billionaires & Big Oil Expose Climate Hoax - Don Prothero, Skeptic
Newton Blog: Are You a Crackpot? Take the Test!
Friday, August 29
Apollo Astronauts Describe Lunar Aroma - Leonard David,
What People Cured of Blindness See - Patrick House, The New Yorker
Social Media May Encourage Self-Censorship - Anne Flaherty, AP
Magnetic Pulse May Help Dementia Patients - Sarah Knapton, Telegraph
How Much Does It Cost to Make Ice? - Rhett Allain, Wired
Taming of the Bunny Rewrote the Rabbit Genome - Penny Sarchet, NS
Reanimated Chickens and Zombie Dogs - David Casarett, The Scientist
3 Facts About the Arachnids on Your Face - Michelle Trautwein, NCSU
Atheists Feel Awe, Too - Barbara King, NPR
Are You a Crackpot? Take the Test! - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Thursday, August 28
Solar Neutrinos Answer Fundamental Questions - Ron Cowen, Nature
How to Take a Peek at Schrodinger's Cat - Jesse Emspak, Live Science
Can a Scientist's Word Choice Reveal Fraud? - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Climate Skeptics See Temperature Conspiracy - G. Readfearn, Guardian
Swapping Good & Bad Memories in Mice - Traci Watson, USA Today
Two Simple Rules Explain Sheepdog Behavior - Claire Marshall, BBC
Tall Men Have Their Pick of the Dating Pool - Abby Phillip, Wash. Post
Keep Your Promises, But Don't Exceed Them - James Hamblin, Atlantic
Do Farts Carry Germs? Yes, if You Aren't Wearing Pants - Seriously, Sci?
Wednesday, August 27
Where Are Honest Gov't Science Advisors? - Roger Pielke, Jr., Guardian
Time to Stop Testing Magic in Medicine - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Hangovers Are About Half Genetic - Jillian Lim, Live Science
1,300 Bird Species Are Facing Extinction - Alanna Mitchell, NatGeo
Making Clean Water with Nanoparticles - Kristian Sjogren, ScienceNordic
Malassezia: A Truly Global Germ - Jason Tetro, Popular Science
Gut Bacteria May Protect Against Allergies - Nicola Garrett, ABC Science
Why Our Immune System Deteriorates with Age - Bruce Goldman, Scope
Despite Treatment, Liberian Doctor Dies of Ebola - Front Page Africa
Tuesday, August 26
What RealClearScience Is For and Against - Alex Berezow, RCScience
How Music Shaped Modern Physics - Graham Farmelo, NewScientist
Students Are Chronically Sleep Deprived - Jessica Lahey, The Atlantic
1 in 7 People Suffer from Being 'Sleep Drunk' - Alexandra Sifferlin, Time
'Kennewick Man' Possibly Came from Asia - Joel Achenbach, WaPo
Water Clouds Detected 7 Light-Years Away? - Ken Croswell, Science
How Your Speedometer Reveals Your Location - Benjamin Plackett, ISNS
Can Tiny Nuclear Plants Thwart Regulatory Hell? - Tom Hartsfield, RCS
Courts Aren't Buying 'Wind Turbine Syndrome' - John Upton, CC
Monday, August 25
What Lies Beneath Stonehenge? - Ed Caesar, Smithsonian
Is Astrology a Science? - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
Evidence-Based Medicine Actually Isn't - Tom Siegfried, ScienceNews
Stop Obsessing About Global Warming - Amartya Sen, The New Republic
Methane Is Leaking from the Ocean Floor - Matt McGrath, BBC News
Life Boils Down to Five 'Rules' - James Smith, The Conversation
Working Organ Created from Laboratory Cells - The Guardian
Why States Should Aim For 100% Vaccination - Emily Oster, 538
What to Do After Drinking a Cup of Coffee - Emily Tamkin, Slate
Saturday, August 23
Breakfast Isn't the Most Important Meal - James Hamblin, The Atlantic
How To Waste Time Properly - Greg Beato, Nautilus
The Singularity Is Not Near - Shaun Maguire, Quantum Frontiers
The Physics of a New Generation - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
Space Lasers vs. Global Warming - Brian Merchant, Motherboard
U.S.-Russia Tensions Hit Physicists - Peter Gwynne, Physics World
The Next Pandemic Won't Be at All Like Ebola - Wendy Orent, Aeon
The Bird That Builds 2,000-Pound Nests - Matt Simon, Wired
Newton: The Story & Science Left Out of the Ice Bucket Challenge
Friday, August 22
Everything I Knew About Conservatives Was Wrong - Jeremy Frimer, HP
Study of Net Censorship Reveals China's Big Fear - Mara Hvistendahl, Sci.
Mystery of the Global Warming 'Pause' Solved? - The Economist
The Troubling World of Koko the Gorilla - Jane Hu, Slate
No Humans Here: The Zoo that Tricks Animals - Liz Stinson, Wired
How Daily and Hourly Weather Forecasts Relate - Chris Gorski, ISNS
So You Want to Dump Ice Water on Your Head... - Ross Pomeroy, RCS
Young Blood: The Ultimate Rejuvenation Trial - Helen Thomson, NewSci.
More Swedish Boys Born with Deformed Penises - The Local
300-Year-Old Statue of Jesus Has Real Human Teeth - Tia Ghose, LS

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