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Saturday, July 23
Is Full-Time Work Bad for Our Brains? - Georgina Kenyon, BBC News
Searching for Origins of First Americans - Brian Fagan, Sapiens
How and When Did Humans Discover Fire? - Alex Berezow, ACSH
Why Some Romans Didn't Need Dentists - Olivia Goldhill, WEF
Visualizing the Global Network of Languages - Amanda Montanez, SA
Are We More Honest than Psychologists Thought? - The Economist
Wanted: Drug to Kill Brain-Eating Amoeba - Lindzi Wessel, Stat
Electrons Have Potential for Mutual Attraction - Emily Conover, SN
Amazing Chemistry of the Humble Pencil - Neil Withers, Chem. World
Quiz: Name the Ten Largest States in the United States!
Quiz: Name the Ten Smallest States in the United States!
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Friday, July 22
Why Your Hair, Beard Are Different Colors - Erin Brodwin, BI
Aging: The Fish that Lives Fast and Dies Young - Amber Dance, Nature
Lichens: 150 Yrs of Textbook Biology Overturned - Ed Yong, Atlantic
Wild Birds Come When Called to Hunt Honey - Jonathan Webb, BBC
Water-Bottle Bees Cool the Hive - Emily Benson, NewScientist
Map: Incredible Growth of Megacities - Bilal Pervez, World Ec. Forum
Chemists Create a Bizarre Molecule - Stephen Ritter, C&EN
E-Cigs: Far From Harmless, But Very Helpful - Thomas Hartung, SA
The Stigma of Anal Cancer - Aimee Swartz, Newsweek
Which U.S. State Is Closest to Africa? Not Florida - Sean Kane, TI
Thursday, July 21
Found: X-Shaped Structure in Milky Way? - Astronomy Now
Planet Nine May Have Tilted Solar System - Rebecca Boyle, NewSci.
A Debate Over the Physics of Time - Dan Falk, Quanta Magazine
Supervolcanoes May Erupt Surprisingly Fast - Ross Pomeroy, RCSci
Norovirus Hits Republican Nat'l Convention - Achenbach et al., WaPo
First U.S. Case of Zika from Local Mosquito? - Sarah Zhang, Wired
The Bicycle Problem that Nearly Broke Math - Brendan Borrell, Nature
Museum at the End of the World - Madeline Bodin, Hakai Magazine
Terrifying Dreams Prepare You for Real Life - Jim Davies, Nautilus
Religious People Really Do Have More Children - Alex Berezow, ACSH
Wednesday, July 20
That Time We Found Life on Mars - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
The Strongest Base Ever Made - William Bergius, Chemistry World
Necrobiome: There Is No Death with Dignity - Alex Berezow, ACSH
Pot Dealers Traced Back 5,000 Years - Rossella Lorenzi, Live Science
Electroceuticals: Why I Get My Brain Zapped - David Levine, SciAm
The Kismet of Basic Science - Henry Miller, Project Syndicate
Pro-GMOers Give in to Anti-GMOers - Julie Kelly, Genetic Literacy Proj.
Warming Is Shifting Around Earth's Clouds - Andrea Thompson, CC
Migrant Worker Is China's 'Good Will Hunting'? - Lu & Hunt, CNN
Slavery Changed DNA of African-Americans - Michael White, PacStd
Tuesday, July 19
Medical Journal Wrong to Publish Obama - Berezow & Hartsfield, LAT
Sit Down, Science. We Need to Talk - Simon Gandevia, Conversation
Who Once Lived on the Largest Lake Island? - Ross Pomeroy, RCSci
A Doomed Black Hole to Set Your Watch By - Joshua Sokol, NewSci.
Placebos May Change Mind and Body - Sumathi Reddy, Wall St. Journal
A Mysterious New Case of Zika - Maryn McKenna, Phenomena
How Hummingbirds Prevent from Crashing - NewScientist
Some Large Sea Animals Bigger than Ancestors - Brian Switek, SciAm
'Atomic Memory' Could Store All Books Ever Written - C. Choi, LS
Nanogenerator Boosts 'Blue Energy' - James Urquhart, Chem. World
Monday, July 18
Are There Different Kinds of Time and Space? - Ethan Siegel, SWaB!
The Guy Who Left SETI to Talk to Aliens - Sarah Scoles, Wired
The Psychology of 'Pokemon Go' Haters - Carl Engelking, The Crux
Disaster Machines: Prepping for Armageddon - W. Cornwall, Science
Europe Doesn't Care if Poor People Have Food - Alex Berezow, ACSH
Zika May Run Its Course in 18 Months - Nicola Davis, Guardian
Algae Melting Away Greenland Ice Sheet - Alexandra Witze, Nature
The Last of the Earthquake Predictors - Mark Harris, Nautilus
Shell Shock: When Science Goes Wrong - The Economist
I Can't Believe It's Not Science! - Michelle Minton, RealClearPolicy
Saturday, July 16
The Health Risks of 'Manscaping' - Julia Belluz, Vox
'Anti-Vaccine Mafia' Kills Another Child - Megha Mohan, BBC News
Five Worst Mike Pence Quotes on Science - Rebecca Boyle, PopSci
Who's More Anti-Science: GOP or Democrats? - Reason
Climate Change Worse w/o Nuke Power - Nordhaus & Rothrock, USAT
Iris Scans May Soon Replace Fingerprints - Eric Niiler, Live Science
Forensic Science Helps the Mummy Return - Amanda Smith, ABC Sci.
Jet Lag Is Worse When You Travel East - Sara Miller, Live Science
'Knockouts' Linked to Parkinson's, Not Alzheimer's - S. Chodosh, SA
Glowing Plants: DIY Biology Harder than It Sounds - A. Regalado, TR
Friday, July 15
How Much of His Ear Did Van Gogh Chop Off? - Danny Lewis, S'sonian
What Drives People to Fake a Serious Illness? - Werner & Willis, ABC
Bizarre 'Funny or Die' Video Mocks Science - Alex Berezow, ACSH
Explaining the Multiverse to Non-Physicists - Ethan Siegel, SWaB!
How Should We Protect Extraterrestrial Life? - M. Oman, Sapiens
Americans Aren't Paying Highest Prices for Drugs - The Economist
Half of All U.S. Food Produce Thrown Away - S. Goldenberg, Guardian
Bright Light Accelerates Aging in Mice - Rebecca Boyle, Nature News
Ducklings: Cute, Fuzzy, Abstract Thinkers - Mindy Weisberger, LiveSci
Stinky Sea Lions Inspire Wacky Deterrents - Craig Welch, NatGeo
Quiz: Name the Six Kingdoms of Biology!
Thursday, July 14
Does Alzheimer's Begin in Childhood? - Daniela Hernandez, WSJ
Life-Threatening Risk of Medical Tourism - Alexandra Sifferlin, Time
Youth Suicide Rates Have Tripled in Utah - Kate Wheeling, PacStd
Bernie Sanders Likes Hot Dogs But Not GMOs - J. Hamblin, Atlantic
Your Emotions Influence Risk Perception - Henry Miller, Forbes
Cheating the Citation Game - Mario Biagioli, Nature News
'Pokemon Go' Secretly Teaching Metric System - M. Nunez, Gizmodo
Lucky Star Lights Up an Icy Wall - Ken Croswell, NewScientist
'Demon Orchid' Looks Like a Yelling Devil - Jennifer Viegas, Seeker
Why an Eagle Really Grabbed a Kid - Rachel Becker, Nat'l Geographic
Wednesday, July 13
China Rewriting Book on Human Origins - Jane Qiu, Nature News
Mysterious Human Skulls Sold on eBay - Conor Gearin, NewScientist
The City Cemetery Is Alive - Joshua Learn, National Geographic
How Do We Know What Is True? - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Rise of Narcissism in the Age of the Selfie - NPR
Bring Medical School into 21st Century - Akhilesh Pathipati, Stat
Why Synthetic Pot Makes People Act Like Zombies - C. Nierenberg, LS
Your Inner Daredevil-Like Ability - Michael Price, Science News
E. Coli in Flour: Another Reason to Cook Your Food - CBC News
What Dusk, Dawn, & Viagra Have in Common - V. Greenwood, Atlantic

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