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Friday, August 28
Psych Studies Crumble Under Scrutiny - Benedict Carey, NY Times
Can You Be Obese and Healthy? - Caroline Weinberg, Aeon Magazine
Could Forgiveness Make Us Healthier? - Megan Bettencourt, Salon
Guns Kill More than Terrorists. So Do Lots of Things - P. Bump, WP
The Violent Process of Mummification - Rossella Lorenzi, D-News
Nobody Is Ready for Next Katrina - Nick Stockton, Wired
Could Radon Predict Earthquakes? - Ian Randall, Physics World
Buckyballs Transform Any Metal into Magnet? - V. Richter, Cosmos
How Close Are We to Nuclear Fusion? - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Mars Hoaxes: 6 Stubborn Conspiracy Theories - Elizabeth Howell, LS
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Thursday, August 27
How Fast Do We Move Through Space? - Ethan Siegel, Starts w/ a Bang!
Extinct E.T.: Finding Dead Alien Civilizations - Mark Strauss, NatGeo
Three Moons Just as Cool as Europa - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
How a Volcano Eruption Created Frankenstein - William Broad, NYT
Childbirth: How El Nino Works - The Economist
Will Bernie Sanders Embrace GMOs? (Hint: No) - D. Warmflash, GLP
How Do Motorcycles Lean without Tipping? - Rhett Allain, Wired
Debunked: Creationist 'Winged Monster' Art - Emily DeMarco, Sci.
Is It Ever Worth Not Knowing the Truth? - Jess Whittlestone, Aeon
Great Theologian Quotes on Science - Alex Berezow, RealClearScience
Wednesday, August 26
No Wild Bee Colony Collapse Either - Genetic Literacy Project
A Perfect Sugar Substitute Emerges? - Dan Charles, NPR
Do Chewing Sounds Make You Crazy? - Megan Cartwright, Slate
Mental Illness: Coming Age of Unreason - John Prideaux, Economist
The Human Body Is Not 98.6 Degrees - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Dust Microbes Reveal Who Lives in House - Jennifer Viegas, Discovery
New Orleans Not Prepared for Next Storm - Gillian White, Atlantic
California Sinking Faster than Thought - Tia Ghose, Live Science
Ten Facts About Supernovae - Ali Sundermier, Symmetry
How a 'Beast' Can Find a 'Beauty' - Cindi May, Scientific American
Tuesday, August 25
Why Teenagers Are the Worst - Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker
Social Science Is Not Doomed - Kate Wheeling, Pacific Standard
Picking Truths Is Growing Common - George Johnson, N.Y. Times
Congress Is Starving NASA of Funds - Phil Plait, Slate
Why You Should Love Food Irradiation - Kiera Butler, Mother Jones
Rethinking the Lymphatic System - Amanda B. Keener, The Scientist
Can an Iron Bar Make Decisions? - Lisa Zyga,
Ceramic Spheres for Optical Computers - Michael Rundle, Wired UK
Fusion Company Makes Breakthrough - Daniel Clery, Science News
'Sugar Computer' Plays Tic-Tac-Toe - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Monday, August 24
Why Salad Is Overrated - Tamar Haspel, Washington Post
'Eating Clean' Is a Dangerous Fad - Prendergast & Hardman, Spectator
There Will Never Be Another Einstein - John Horgan, Sci American
The Trigger Warning Myth - Aaron Hanlon, The New Republic
What the Most Painful Sting Feels Like - Noah Davis, Pop Mechanics
The Man Who Has Never Felt Emotions - David Robson, BBC Future
'Winged Monster' Rock Art Deciphered - Laura Geggel, LiveScience
What It's Like to Get a Ph.D.: A Blunt Answer - Tom McNeill, Slate
World's Oldest Message in a Bottle Found - Justin Huggler, Telegraph
'2001: Space Odyssey' Predicted the Future - Margaret Rhodes, Wired
Saturday, August 22
The Shadow of a Black Hole - Matthew Francis, PBS NOVA
Is Everything in the Universe the Same Age? - Ethan Siegel, SwaB!
Air-Conditioning From Outer Space - Robert Barry, The Atlantic
Stephen Hawking's Speech Program Released - Daniel White, Time
Love in the Age of Big Data - Eve Fairbanks, Huffington Post
Trauma Passed on to Children's Genes - Helen Thomson, Guardian
First Danish Kings Were Pirates - Stine Rendrup Johansen, SciNordic
The Fish with a Suction Cup on Its Head - Matt Simon, Wired
Ants Know How to Self-Medicate - Penny Sarchet, NewScientist
How Did a Whale Skull Get Into a Swamp? - Rachel Becker, Nat Geo
Friday, August 21
Rack of Skulls Found at Aztec Temple - Mark Stevenson, AP
The Ruined Castles of Poland - Michele Lent Hirsch, Smithsonian
Existence of Cosmic Neutrinos Confirmed - Helen Thomson, Guardian
Advances in Search for Dark Matter - Ryan Wilkinson Conversation
Carbon Nanofibers Made from CO2 in the Air - Jonathan Webb, BBC
When Will Graphene Be Mainstream? - Anna Lieb, PBS NOVA
Long Work Hours Linked to Stroke - Catherine Saint Louis, NY Times
Hidden Dangers of Supplements - Jennifer Couzin-Frankel, Science
What Do You Do With a Bear That Kills? - Todd Wilkinson, Nat Geo
A Letter to Anti-GMO Celebrity Moms - Kavin Senapathy, Grounded Parents
Thursday, August 20
When Earth Was a Frozen Snowball - Kate Ravilious, BBC Earth
Are You a Martian? - Seth Shostak, Huffington Post
What's Replenishing Pluto's Atmosphere? - Nick Stockton, Wired
The Most Impossible Idea From Star Trek - Ethan Siegel, SwaB!
Just How Resilient Is Spacetime? - Caleb Scharf, Scientific American
You're Biased About Being Biased - Jim Davies, Nautilus
The First Person to Write Their Name - Robert Krulwich, Phenomena
Science Isn't Broken - Christie Aschwanden, FiveThirtyEight
Suicidal Behavior Predicted by Blood Test - Sally Adee, NewScientist
Machine Vomits on Command for Science - Mandy Oaklander, Time
Wednesday, August 19
Gravity's Oldest Puzzles - Brian Koberlein, Starts with a Bang!
How Do We Know the Universe's Age? - Amelia W. Smith, Symmetry
Who Killed the Venus Flytrap? - Kaleigh Rogers, Motherboard
The Secrets of Mosquito-Repellent Grass - Jonathan Webb, BBC News
Drug-Resistant Lice Infesting U.S. - Erin Blakemore, Smithsonian
The Whistled Language of Turkey - Michelle Nijhuis, The New Yorker
Why Does Tap Water Go Stale Overnight? - Sarah Zhang, Wired
Near Fully-Formed Brain Grown in Lab - Helen Thomson, Guardian
How to Be an Expert in Anything - Popular Science
64 Papers Retracted for Fake Peer Reviews - Retraction Watch
Tuesday, August 18
Space Junk: Catastrophe on the Horizon - Daniel Clery, Cosmos
Building Crash-Proof Airplanes - The Economist
Punish and Reform the EPA - Alex Berezow & Todd Myers, RCScience
Seagulls' Gruesome New Way to Kill Baby Seals - Jason Bittel, NG
Water Worlds Not Likely to Host Life - Nola Redd, Science News
'Drinkable Book' Could Save Many Lives - Carl Engelking, D-Brief
On the Contagiousness of Mental Illness - Tania Lombrozo, NPR
Heroin Statistics Spooked the White House - Marina Koren, Atlantic
Does Archaeology Need Religion? - Rose Eveleth, Aeon Magazine
Mass Grave Reveals Prehistoric Warfare - Jonathan Amos, BBC News

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