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Tuesday, September 30
Want to Be Rich? Major in Economics - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Science Grads Have the Wrong Skills - John Timmer, Ars Technica
Free Will Not Threatened by Neuroscience - Christian Jarrett, Wired
Strange New Type of Brain Cell Found - Stephanie Pappas, Live Sci.
Surprise Eruption of a Japanese Volcano - Dan Vergano, NatGeo
Bats Mistake Wind Turbines for Trees - Elizabeth Preston, Inkfish
World Wildlife Populations Halved in 40 Yrs - Roger Harrabin, BBC
Bayes' Theorem: The 'Science Equation' - Jon Butterworth, Guardian
3 Quantum Bits Encoded with Only 2 Photons - E. Cartlidge, Nature
6 Scientific Revelations About Online Dating - Ross Pomeroy, RCSci.
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Monday, September 29
Did the Vikings Get a Bum Rap? - Christopher Shea, NatGeo
Who Built a Legendary Danish Castle? - Irene Petersen, Sci. Nordic
Salt: Archaeology's #1 Enemy - Joel Shurkin, Inside Science
Is There Such a Thing as 'Volcano Season'? - Robin Wylie, Conv.
The Man Who Gave Us the Multiverse - Rowan Hooper, NewScientist
Blind Spot: Our Coming Eye Disease Epidemic - Hank Campbell, S2.0
Bionic Eye: Was Blind, But Now I See - Rose Eveleth, BBC Future
Maybe Boredom Is Good for Us - Susan Maushart, ABC Science
Do You Have 'Murderer's Thumb'? - Jack El-Hai, Wonders & Marvels
Saturday, September 27
Canada's Failed Polar Spaceport - Matthew Braga, Motherboard
Gravitational Waves Are Dust. So What? - Philip Ball, The Guardian
Climate Change Making Winds Slower - Jason Goldman, Conservation
Be Optimistic About Climate Change - Diane Ackerman, Wired
How To Rid the World of Rabies - Virginia Hughes, Phenomena
Why Some Men Show Signs of Pregnancy - Arthur Brennan, Wash Post
Digging Through World's Oldest Graveyard - Amy Maxmen, Nautilus
11 Ways to Tell a Journal Is Fake - Shali Jain, PLoS Blogs
Newton Blog: How to Spread Misinformation: A Simple Guide
Friday, September 26
How I Invented a Mental Disorder - Dean Burnett, Guardian
Incompetent Feds Not Ready for Flu - Conor Friedersdorf, Atlantic
Dry Roasted Peanuts Trigger Allergy - Alex Berezow, The Economist
Broken Heart Cure: Shut Up & Take Aspirin - Sarah Knapton, T'graph
Astrophysicists Identify 'Habitable' Regions of Universe - arXiv
Map: Global CO2 Emissions - Scott Johnson, Ars Technica
Butterfly Shape on Radar Caused by Butterflies - Becky Oskin, LS
The Afterlife of Underground 'Ghost Stations' - Drew Reed, Guardian
NYC Mayor Kills Groundhog, Zoo Covers It Up - Tacopino et al., NYP
Thursday, September 25
Game of Thrones: A Climate Change Analogy - Hank Campbell, S2.0
How Lasers Revealed a Lost City - Ben Lawrie, BBC News
Scientists: Competent, But Not Trusted - B. Rose Huber, Princeton
Anonymous Peer Reviewers May Get Sued - Kelly Servick, Sci. Insider
Gut Bacteria May Influence Your Food Choices - Ross Pomeroy, RCS
Will Scientists Fumble New GMO Report? - Jon Entine, Forbes
Parasitic Wasps Unleashed On Insect Pest - Ker Than, Inside Science
Are Humans Unique? - M. Anthony Mills, Slate
Europe's History of Judging & Executing Animals - M. Simon, Wired
Wednesday, September 24
Aging Underground Gas Pipes Threaten U.S. - John Kelly, USAT
Found: The 'Nazca Lines' of Kazakhstan - Owen Jarus, Live Science
Ebola Outbreak Is Bad and Getting Worse - Tara Smith, Slate
A Sign of Hope for Monarch Butterflies - Mark Stevenson, AP
Einsteinian 'Time Dilation' Confirmed - Alexandra Witze, Nature
We Are Continually Falling as We Walk - Anna Salleh, ABC Science
Airplane Seats: The 4-Inch Battle - C. Buccafusco & C. Sprigman, Slate
This Is Why You Don't Have a Jetpack - Dean Burnett, Guardian
You Are More Rational than Cass Sunstein - Steven Poole, Aeon
Can You Poop Via Your Mouth? - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Tuesday, September 23
Debunking the Equinox Myths - Joe Rao,
The $90-Trillion Climate Policy - John Upton, Climate Central
Future of Fusion Research in America - Mark Zastrow, Nature News
Why Eating McDonald's Is 'Natural' - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Is Tattoo Ink Safe? - Harry Misiko, Washington Post
Self-Control: How to Deal with Your Impulses - David Desteno, PS
Found: Dinosaur with Very Large Nose - Jeanna Bryner, Live Science
Beauty Tips from the Ancient Amazons - Adrienne Mayor, W&M
Spanking: Great for Sex, Bad for Parenting - Jillian Keenan, Slate
Changing the World, One Tweet at a Time - Alex Berezow, RCScience
Monday, September 22
Warning: This Post Will Change Your Brain - Neuroskeptic, Discover
Why Smart People Aren't Always Rational - Barbara Drescher, Insight
We Don't Know What Science Means - Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Week
There Is No Creativity Deficit in Science - Chris Lee, Ars Technica
What Happens When We All Live to 100? - Gregg Easterbrook, Atlantic
Privileged Anti-Vaxxers - Steven Novella, Science-Based Medicine
Groundwater Changes May Herald Earthquakes - P. Sarchet, NewSci
Sahara Is Much Older Than We Thought - Sarah Zielinski, S'sonian
What's the Earliest Signal from the Universe? - Ethan Siegel, SwaB!
First Successful Anorectal Transplant in a Dog - Alex Berezow, RCS
Saturday, September 20
Erectile Dysfunction Myth Debunked - David Samadi, LiveScience
The Real Problem With Climate Science - Steven Koonin, Wall St Jrnl
Show Us the Rejected Research! - Brendan Nyhan, New York Times
The Duck Penis Paradox - Alice Robb, The New Republic
The Most Terrifying Thing About Ebola - Benjamin Hale, Slate
The Greatest Animal War - Brooke Borel, Nautilus
Shipwrecks Found Near Golden Gate Bridge - Blake de Pastino, WD
Scotland's Ruins That Predate Stonehenge - Roff Smith, Nat Geo
How Long to Get to Tatooine? - Maria Konnikova, The New Yorker
RCS Feature: The Five Most Useless Chemical Elements

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