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Monday, September 26
How Old Is the Bible? - Paul Ratner, Big Think
What If the Aliens Are Really A.I.? - Richard Hollingham, BBC Future
Stephen Hawking Is Still Afraid of Aliens - Mike Wall,
Study Pushes the Limits of How Life Begins - Shelly Fan, Sing Hub
Bacteria Can Photosynthesize in Darkness - Kristian Sjøgren, SciNordic
The Problem With Science Writing - Trevor Quirk, Nautilus
Cold Fusion: Feasible or Fraudulent? - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
Meet the World's Top Peer Reviewer - Marcus & Oransky, Stat
Ants: A Promising New Source of Antibiotics - Robin McKie, Guardian
Vaccines Helped Win the Revolutionary War - Ross Pomeroy, RCSci
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Saturday, September 24
What Is The Physics Of Nothing? - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Pluto's Ocean May Be 100 Kilometers Deep - Maddie Stone, Gizmodo
Plants Evolved Many Ways to Make Caffeine - Ruth Williams, Scientist
Fish Can Be Smarter Than Primates - Jonathan Balcombe, Nautilus
Why Do Scientists Participate in Peer Review? - Shannon Palus, Slate
Industrial Farms Good for the Environment - Jayson Lusk, NY Times
It's Time for an International Moon Village - Ian Sample, Guardian
"Devil" Frog Vomits New Ant Species - Jason Bittel, National Geographic
The Return of the Great American Jaguar - Richard Grant, Smithsonian
How Did Plankton Reach Antarctic Mountains? - S. Johnson, Ars Tech
Friday, September 23
Watching Evolution Happen in Two Lifetimes - Emily Singer, Quanta
Prehistoric Paleo Diet Contained Cereals - Lindsay Dodgson, BI
Voyager's Golden Record May Be Reissued - Kenneth Chang, NY Times
Muscle Memory Is Mostly in Your Head - Belinda Smith, Cosmos Mag
Flocks of Birds Resemble Magnetic Systems - Yuen Yiu, Inside Science
The History of Toxic Cosmetics - Becky Little, National Geographic
Japan Likely to Scrap Monju Reactor - Osamu Tsukimori, Japan Today
Freeze-Dried Drugs Can Go Anywhere - Emily Mullin, MIT Tech Rev
Circadian Gene May Help Breast Cancer Spread - Lisa Rapaport, Reuters
Alien Planet Found to Have Two Suns - Hanneke Weitering,
Thursday, September 22
NASA to Announce 'Surprising Activity' on Europa - Telegraph
Don't Buy Flat Faced Dogs! - BBC
Ancient Rolled, Burnt Scroll Decoded - Michael Greshko, Nat Geo
LIDAR Reveals Buried City of Angkor - Julia Wallace, NY Times
Ice Cream Fuels a Man's 2,200 Mi Run - Erik Lief, ACSH
Galileo Faced Scientific Opposition Too - Sam Dresser, Aeon
3D Sound Holograms Float Objects in Air - Charles Q. Choi, Live Sci
Organic Farmers Use Chickens to Fight Pests - Kristofor Husted, NPR
60 Species That Live in Big Footprints - Conservation Magazine
Where Lyman-Alpha Space Blobs Came From - K. Smith, Astronomy
Wednesday, September 21
How Did We Make Sense of the Cosmic Abyss? - Ethan Siegel, SWaB!
Cats Conquered the World With the Vikings - E. Callaway, Sci Am
'Marsquakes' May Produce Life-Enabling H on Mars - Yale University
How to Code Un-hackable Computer Programs - K. Hartnett, Quanta
Pigeons Know Real Words From Gibberish - E. Tennenhouse, Discover
Claimed First Animal Fossils May Be Mistaken - A. Doyle,
Why Do Tiny Planets Have Rings? - Astronomy Now
NOAA Is Issuing Daily Solar Weather Alerts - A. Witze, Nature News
Cassini Spies on 'Dune Moon' Titan - Seeker
Teens Will Eat Veggies for the Rebellion! - R. Saxena, Ars Technica
Tuesday, September 20
California Gov Signs Cow Fart Laws - Jonathan Cooper, WaPo
Monsanto Protestors Turn Into Anti-Vaxxers - A. Berezow, ACSH
How Pluto's Giant Nitrogen Glacier Grows - Cosmos Magazine
Faster FDA Drug Approvals: Dangerous? - Damian Garde, STAT
Aborigines Killed With Deadly War Boomerangs! - T. Watson, Nat Geo
Algebra Lights Up Blind's Brain Vision Centers - Jon Hamilton, NPR
A Vastly Superior Ovarian Cancer Prognosis Test - H. Bodkin, Telegraph
Navy Teaching Star Navigation in Case GPS Downed - M. Smith, SPO
The Brain's Toughness Dictates Its Wiring - L. Saunders, Science News
Bright Light Boosts Testosterone? - Melissa Healy, LA Times
Monday, September 19
The 24 Smartest People Who Ever Lived - Paul Ratner, Big Think
Why Maps Are Wrong - Eleanor Doman, Chalkdust
Could Higgs Have Been Found by Accident? - J. Butterworth, Guardian
4-Day Workweek Not Good for Health - Allard Dembe, Conversation
Why It's Hard to Define a Flower - Claire Asher, BBC Earth
Seeing Time Through a Liquid Crystal Display - P. Mutalik, Quanta
Scientists See Building Blocks of Memories - Emily Benson, NewSci
The Mysterious Life at a Deep Sea Volcano - Caleb Jones, Assoc. Press
3D Model of a Clitoris Starts Revolution - Minna Salami, The Guardian
The Least Investigated Organ in the Male Body - Ross Pomeroy, RCS
Saturday, September 17
The Most Accurate Depiction of a Dinosaur - Elsa Panciroli, Guardian
Odd Mammoth Fossil Found in California - Blake de Pastino, West Digs
The Strange Second Life of String Theory - K.C. Cole, Quanta Magazine
Was Earth Born With Life On It? - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Black Hole "Engine" Cloaked in Exhaust - Ian O'Neill, Discovery News
Ancient Genomes Rewrite Elephant History - Ewen Callaway, Nature
Neandertals Made Their Own Jewelry - Lizzie Wade, Science News
Disturbing Appearance of "Ghost Forests" - John Upton, Clim Central
Why We Didn't Evolve From Aquatic Apes - Roberts & Maslin, Conv
Friday, September 16
Will the Universe End in Big Freeze? - Ethan Siegel, Starts With A Bang!
'Phage Therapy' Passes FDA Safety Trial - Kira Peikoff, Pop Mech
Unisex Contraception by Slowing Sperm? - Alex B. Berezow, ACSH
Bezos: We Need Nuclear Reactors in Space - C. Davenport, WaPo
Slow Light Down by Storing It as Sound - Chris Lee, Ars Technica
Sounds of Some Words Same Across Languages - A. Pycha, Sci Am
Feed a Virus, Starve a Bacterium to Feel Better - The Economist
UK OK's New 3.2 Gigawatt Nuclear Plant - Jamie Condliffe, MIT Review
Data Revises Big Bang Timeline Slightly - Allen Zeyher, Astronomy
RCS Quiz: What Are the Nine Countries With Nuclear Weapons?

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