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Tuesday, July 22
The Most Unscientific Movie Ever? - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
What to Do with a Failed $5 Billion Experiment? - Tom Hartsfield, RCSci.
U.S. Debates the Next Lunar Step - Irene Klotz, Reuters
Biotech Lab Aims to Make Synthetic Milk - Tuan Nguyen, Wash. Post
Reducing Crop Waste Could Feed Billions - Mark Zastrow, Nature
Cities Thrive Most When They Are a Tangled Mess - Will Wiles, Aeon
Can Humans Smell Fear? - Daniel Engber, Popular Science
Antioxidants: A Tale of Two Scientists - Hank Campbell, Science 2.0
Religious Children Are Easier to Fool - Luke Malone, Vocativ
North Korean Architect's Crazy Vision of Future - Kyle Vanhemert, Wired
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Monday, July 21
Political Correctness: A Disease with No Cure - Alex Berezow, RCScience
Robert Kennedy Jr. Is Obsessive and Dangerous - Laura Helmuth, Slate
What If Your Son Has a Condition New to Science? - Seth Mnookin, NYer
What Rolling Over During Sleep Says About You - Buzz Skyline, PhysCent
Humans Aren't the Pinnacle of Evolution - Jason Dorrier, Singularity Hub
Existing Cropland Could Feed 3 Billion More - Fiona Harvey, The Guardian
What Is a 'Cup of Coffee' Really? - Jenifer Mizen, Chemistry World
Geophysicists Crack Secrets of Mount Rainier - Sci-News
Proof We Landed on the Moon Is in the Dust - Amy Shira Teitel, PopSci
New Quantum Assault on Conventional Logic - Tom Siegfried, ScienceNews
Saturday, July 19
The Most Terrifying Thought Experiment Ever - David Auerbach, Slate
Why Some People Are Attracted to Jerks - Erin McCarthy, Mental Floss
Online Reading Is a Whole Different Story - Maria Konnikova, New Yorker
How Fatherhood Changes the Brain - Christian Jarrett, Wired
What Happens When an Amoeba 'Eats' a Brain? - Roni Jacobson, SciAm
Electric Bacteria Live on Pure Energy - Catherine Brahic, NewScientist
Vegetables Are Trying to Kill You - Moises Velasquez-Manoff, Nautilus
End Silence on Accidental Bowel Leakage - Kelly Brezoczky, Wash Post
Moon Colonists Could Live in Lunar Caves - Jason Koebler, Motherboard
Why Didn't California's Phone Ban Reduce Accidents? - J. Upton, PSMag
Newton Blog: The Things We Think Make Us Happy... Don't
Friday, July 18
Who Really Talks More, Women or Men? - Elisa Criado, Independent
The Things We Think Make Us Happy... Don't - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Yes, Sexuality Can Be a Choice - Adam Jowett, The Conversation
Can We Protect Airliners from Missile Attacks? - Mark Thompson, Time
Earthquake Map Reveals Higher Risk in U.S. - Brian Howard, NatGeo
Tractor Beam Made Using Water Waves - arXiv Blog
Linguistic Statistics Enable Synthetic Prophetics - Andy Extance, CW
New Science of Evolutionary Forecasting - Carl Zimmer, Quanta
Zombie World Reveals Ethical Blind Spots - Tom Jacobs, Pacific Std.
Early Birds Less Ethical at Night - Barnes, Gunia & Sah, Harvard Biz Rev.
Thursday, July 17
Scientific American's 'PC Police' Fires Blogger - Ross Pomeroy, RCSci.
Marijuana Can Trigger Paranoia - J. Freeman & D. Freeman, Guardian
Top 10 Parasites Perhaps Lurking in Your Food - Helena Helmby, Conv.
Anthrax: Troubling Biosafety Lapses at CDC - Adi Robertson, The Verge
Myth: We Only Use 10% of Our Brains - Sam McDougle, The Atlantic
Fossils Reveal Half-Billion-Year-Old Brain - Will Dunham, Reuters
Could Deep-Brain Stimulation Cure Anorexia? - Kenneth Miller, Aeon
Death of a Comet: ISON's Post-Mortem - Ian O'Neill, Discovery News
LIGO on Verge of Detecting Gravitational Waves? - Alex Witze, Nature
Wednesday, July 16
Myth of Wealthy Men and Beautiful Women - James Hamblin, Atlantic
Genetically, Your Friends Are Like 4th Cousins - Joel Achenbach, WaPo
If You Can't Choose Wisely, Choose Randomly - Michael Schulson, Aeon
Chinese Nationals Caught Stealing GMO Tech - Mara Hvistendahl, Science
Could an HPV Test Replace Pap Smears? - Hannah Waters, PopSci
Will a Lab Escape Cause Next Pandemic? - Martin Furmanski, BotAS
Could Maglev Trains Run at 1,865 mph? - Roger Goodall, Conversation
The Secrets of a Great 'Radio Voice' - Marc Llewellyn, ABC Science
Rosie O'Donnell Killed Endangered Shark for Fun - D. Shiffman, Slate
Tuesday, July 15
The Breakthrough that Neuroscience Awaits - Gary Marcus, NY Times
10 Things You Didn't Know About Fat - Tom Sanders, The Conversation
Is Deforestation Behind the Ebola Outbreak? - Laura Kahn, BotAS
Climate Change Worriers Use More Electricity - M. Holehouse, T'graph
The 1% of Scientific Publishing - Erik Stokstad, Science Insider
A 'Buckyball' Made of Boron - Tim Wogan, Chemistry World
People Choose to Dream About Sex & Flying - Bahar Gholipour, Live Sci.
Monday, July 14
New Material Is So Dark You Can't See It - Ian Johnston, Independent
Hookah: Like Smoking 40 Cigs & Kissing Everybody - Alex Berezow, RCS
What We Really Taste When We Drink Wine - M. Konnikova, New Yorker
New Organic Farming Study Is Poor Science - Hank Campbell, Science 2.0
Time for a Big Crackdown on Science Fraud - Oransky & Marcus, NY Times
Future Music You Can Hear Through Your Skin - Sujata Gupta, PBS NOVA
How Apollo 11 Spent Their 22 Hours on the Moon - Amy Teitel, PopSci
The First Humans to Travel to Mars? - Laura Poppick, Wired
Explained: That Weird Urge to Jump off Cliff - Brian Alexander, NBC
Saturday, July 12
How Genes Influence Political Beliefs - Thomas Edsall, N.Y. Times
The Sexual Politics of Autism - Virginia Hughes, Phenomena
On Being Wrong in the Social Sciences - Daniel Drezner, Chron of High Ed
The Sensible, Scientific Way to Find Your Mate - Sean Braswell, NPR
Study Claims Organic Food Is More Nutritious - Lauren Morello, Nature
An Egregious Example of Unnecessary Tests - Harriet Hall, Sci-Based Med
Science Says Dads Deserve More Credit - Rebecca Adams, Huffington Post
Could 'Planet of the Apes' Actually Happen? - Michael Lemonick, Time
Next Generation of Dark Matter Experiments - Kathy Jepsen, Symmetry
Newton Blog: A Future Cure for Psychopaths?

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