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Wednesday, August 31
Massive Ice Wall Protects Fukushima - Martin Fackler, NY Times
Why Are There Lines Crossing Mars' Moon? - Smith, Cosmos Mag
Beautiful Fossil of First Flying Animal Found - Ian Johnston, Indep
Magnetars Quickly Collapse Into Black Holes - Nola Redd, Astronomy
3D Printing Family Heirlooms - Ainsley O'Connel, Fast Company
Tasmanian Devil Mutating to Wreck Cancer - Tina Saey, ScienceNews
SpaceX Starts Commercial Launches of Reused Craft - Pasztor, WSJ
First Completely Resistant E-Coli Found in US - Lindzi Wessel, Sci Am
Catch Malaria to Survive Ebola? - Maggie Fox, NBC News
Can Astronauts Be Put Into Hibernation? - Mike Wall,
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Tuesday, August 30
What It's Like to Live for a Year in Mars Pod - Nadia Drake, Nat Geo
Understanding Newton's Orbits With Art - Andrew Silver, Inside Sci
How Do Sunflowers Follow Sun in the Dark? - Greenwood, Atlantic
Wasps Are Fantastic Entomologists - Jason Bittel, Smithsonian
A Fluffy A.I. Fantasy - Kiki Sanford, Nautilus
Iran Releases Physicist Jailed 5 Years - Michele Catanzaro, Nature
Our Microbiome Has a Microbiome? - Michaeleen Doucleff, NPR
Biofuel Jet Gas Is a Boondoggle - Matt McGrath, BBC News
Mealworm Margarine for Eco-Eaters? - Ryan Mandelbaum, WaPo
Eye Medicine Delivered by Contact Lenses - Henry Bodkin, Telegraph
Monday, August 29
Restoring Captured Nazi "Bat Wing" - Rebecca Maksel, Air & Space
Will Monsanto Save the Bees? - Hannah Nordhaus, Wired
Why Is Oklahoma Seeing Fewer Quakes? - Michael Regan, PBS News
Tech and Bioscience Threaten Democracy - John Naughton, Guardian
We're All Accidental Plagiarists - Steph Yin, New York Times
Scientists Find Great White Shark Nursery - Sarah Emerson, Mboard
Monster Slugs Devouring Baby Birds - Julianna Photopoulos, NewSci
How Do We Know the Age of the Universe? - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Illusion of Choice: The Myth of Free Will - Matt MacKinnon, PsyToday
Four Huge Myths About Relationships - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Saturday, August 27
Plasma Wings Could Revolutionize Flight - Steven Ashley, PBS
NASA Could Prevent a Trillion-Dollar Disaster - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
What Happens If E.T. Phones Us? - Maggie Koerth-Baker, 538
Ghost Imaging From Quantum Physics - Kendra Redmond, PhysCent
The Beautiful Lie of Modern Science - Ronald Bailey, Reason
Many Hypotheses on Antioxidants Are BS - Sussi Bæch, SciNordic
The Myth of the Placebo Effect - Nick Barrowman, The New Atlantis
How Semen Reshapes the Immune System - Alice Klein, NewScientist
Terrible Science in an Orca Study - Parsons & Rose, South Fried Science
Most Mathematicians From 24 "Families" - D. Castelvecchi, Nature
Friday, August 26
Ghostly Galaxy Is 99.99% Dark Matter - Rachel Feltman, WaPo
Something Fishy at Hyperloop - Andrii Degeler, Ars Technica
Satellites Reveal New Coastlines - Rebecca Morelle, BBC News
Nobody Knows if Lab Meat Is Safe - Jamie Condliffe, MIT Tech Review
Green Biofuel Less Eco-Friendly Than Gas - Henry Bodkin, Telegraph
Virus Arrives in Pieces Then Assembles! - Michaeleen Doucleff, NPR
Nuclear Pasta Inside Neutron Stars - Benjamin Deaver, Inside Science
Brain Mechanism Stops Runaway Body Temp - Sanders, ScienceNews
Watching Neurons Literally 'Light Up' - Sara Chodosh, Sci American
HAARP (Mind Control?) Facility Open for Tours - McDonald, Seeker
Thursday, August 25
Our Sun in Uniquely Hospitable Corner of Universe? - Daily Galaxy
String Theorists Admit Defeat, Sort Of - Peter Woit, Not Even Wrong
Three Die at Alternative Cancer Clinic - Steven Novella, Neurologica
Asteroids to Cast Shadows Over US - David Dickinson, Univ Today
Simple Phone Game Could Diagnose Autism - Ross Pomeroy, RCSci
Hawaii Grew by 5 Acres This Month - Erik Klemetti, Wired
Fungi Eat Batteries & Produce Lithium - Rebecca Trager, Chem World
Why Experts Get It Wrong: False Memory - Sarah Knapton, Telegraph
Astronaut Sets NASA Record: 521 Days in Space - Marcia Dunn, AP
'Flying Bum' Crashes Hard - Sebastian Anthony, Ars Tech UK
Wednesday, August 24
A Real 9th Planet Far Beyond Neptune? - Peter Gwynne, Inside Sci
Big Data Neuroscience Fails Simple Test - Laura Sanders, Sci News
Why Can't We Resurrect Extinct Animals? - Kastalia Medrano, Inverse
The Physics Photographer's Best Shots - Molly Olmstead, Symmetry
'Brain Wave' Music: Fascinating but Bad - Neuroskeptic
Don't Make Health Policy From Animal Studies - Berezow, ACSH
Nuke Waste Accident May Cost $2 Billion - Megan Geuss, Ars Tech
Edible Food Wrappers Made from Milk - Brittany Vincent, Pop Sci
Marijuana Headlines Muddled & Hazy - Kevin Murnane, Forbes
Why Bullying Is Evolutionarily Successful - Hogenboom, BBC Earth
Tuesday, August 23
Why the Public Should Mistrust Science - Tom Hartsfield, RCScience
Curiosity Finds New Mexico on Mars - Jelani James, Tech Times
What Did Prehistoric Irish Eat? - IrishCentral
Why Do Most Grow out of Drug Use? - Pam Weintraub, Aeon
10-Foot Python Terrorizes Small Town - Ben Guarino, WaPo
Russia's New Space Cargo Ship - Anatoly Zak, Popular Mechanics
Daddy Longlegs Even Awkward in Bed - Sarah Zielinski, ScienceNews
Exercising Too Much Also Harmful - Carrie Arnold, Nautilus
Living a Long Year in a Mars Sim Pod - Joseph Dussault, CS Monitor
Virus Genomes Found in Host Bacteria DNA - Astrobiology Magazine
Monday, August 22
How Many Stars in the Sky Still Exist? - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
The Idea That the Big Bang Destroyed - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Great American Eclipse Is One Year Away - Jay Bennett, Pop Mech
Booze in Space: The Secret History - Nathan Mattise, Ars Technica
The Bright Side of Black Holes - Katie Mack, Cosmos Magazine
How We Made Crystals Harder Than Diamonds - Richard Gray, BBC
20 Big Questions About Humanity's Future - Scientific American
How Vikings Could Get Away With Murder - Ingrid P. Nuse, SciNordic
Is Addiction a Disease? - Buisman-Pijlman & Lee, The Conversation
Florida to Get Swamped With Giant Rodents? - Sarah Emerson, MB

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