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Saturday, April 30
'The Man Who Knew Infinity' - Ramin Skibba, Inside Science
Is There a Fountain of Youth in Our DNA? - Brian Alexander, MIT TR
Is Skipping Breakfast Linked to Weight Gain? - Sharon Begley, Stat
Acclimating Your Body to Working Out in Heat - Michael Joyner, SI
Ions, Not Nerve Pulses, May Control Sleep - Tina Saey, ScienceNews
Tailless Comet Provides Clues to Mystery - Irene Klotz, Discovery News
History of Earth's Magnetic Field Recorded - Ian Randall, Phys. World
Where Scientists Download Pirated Papers - M. Rosenwald, WaPo
Overacting! Hognose Snake Fakes Death - Christie Wilcox, Sci. Sushi
Disturbing Secret Behind Civet Poop Coffee - Rachael Bale, NatGeo
Gallery: 100-Year-Old Space Photos vs. Similar Photos Today
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Friday, April 29
Quantum Entanglement Made Simple - Frank Wilczek, Quanta
Beautiful Complexity of the Cosmic Web - Amanda Montanez, SciAm
Physicists Look Beyond WIMPs For Dark Matter - Ramin Skibba, ISNS
Century-Old Space Photos vs. Photos Today - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Quakes Might Trigger Faraway Volcanoes - Ian Randall, Science
Bug-Be-Gone: Toward a Broad Antiviral Drug - The Economist
Specialty Coffee's Resident Chemist - Sarah Kollmorgen, The Atlantic
Texting and Driving? Beware the Textalyzer - Matt Richtel, NYT
Why Spinoza Still Matters - Steven Nadler, Aeon Magazine
Barbarians at the Gates of Science? - Robbert Dijkgraaf, Nautilus
Thursday, April 28
Amazing Benefits From 1 Minute of Hard Exercise - G. Reynolds, NYT
Your Neighbor Hates Your Cat - Anne Ringgaard, ScienceNordic
The Brain's 'Atlas' of Words Revealed - BBC News
Found: Building for Egypt's First Female Pharaoh - Kacey Deamer, LS
Mumps Infects 41 Students at Harvard - Alexandra Samuels, USA Today
Theranos' Problems Run Very, Very Deep - Nick Stockton, Wired
The Quiet Revolutionary Behind CRISPR - Alison Abbott, Nature
Where Have All the Triplets Gone? - Jennifer Anyaegbunam, Stat
Robots Must Be Able to Say 'No' - Matthias Scheutz, The Conversation
The City that Mailed Dog Poop Back to Its Owners - K. Brulliard, WP
Wednesday, April 27
Neil deGrasse Tyson Greatly Annoys Me - Sam Kriss, Wired
Study: Raising Income Tax Won't Fix Inequality - Ross Pomeroy, RCS
Get Off My Lawn! The Evolution of Property - Steve Roth, Evonomics
Eating More Veggies Is Good for Earth... and You - The Economist
Xenon Reveals Earthly Secrets - Anthony King, Chemistry World
Why Does Some Tap Water Taste Weird? - Taylor Kubota, Live Science
'Skull Sounds' Offer New Form of Password - A. Cuthbertson, N'week
Philosopher Who Blocked Nobel for Relativity - J. Canales, Nautilus
Secret Flexibility in Life's Blueprints - Veronique Greenwood, Quanta
The Jewish Psychic Who Tricked Hitler - Jake Rossen, Mental Floss
Tuesday, April 26
'Amber Room' Stolen by Nazis Found? - N. Klimczak, Ancient Origins
The Y-Chromosome Brags of Conquest - Bruce Goldman, Scope Blog
Weird Creatures on Journey to Center of Earth - Christopher Nield, TC
Warming Means Nicer U.S. Weather, For Now - Andrea Thompson, CC
In Search of America's 51st State - The Economist
Peer Review: Troubled from the Start - Alex Csiszar, Nature News
The Giant Hand in Chile's Atacama Desert - Ken Jennings, CN Traveler
In the 21st Century, Why Are We Still Bored? - Sandi Mann, Guardian
Plant Memories Form from Mad Cow Protein? - A. Ananthaswamy, NS
Salvador Dali Helps Explain Our Brains - Kenneth Macdonald, BBC
Monday, April 25
An Overlooked Inca Wonder - Eric A. Powell, Archaeology
The Diet Proven to Keep You Cancer Free - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Type 1 Diabetes Puzzle Solved - James Gallagher, BBC News
Men Evolved Beards for Intimidation - Tamsin Saxton, Conversation
The Search for Superorganisms - Conor Gearin, PBS NOVA
Academic Publishing Is a Scandal - Ryan Merkley, Wired
Cold Fusion 2.0: Who's Scamming Whom? - D. Hambling, PopMech
Dark Matter + Black Hole = Wormhole? - Michael Byrne, Motherboard
Is AlphaGo the Start of A.I. Dominance? - Sheldon Fernandez, F & O
The Men Who Nearly Floated Into Space - David Robson, BBC Future
Saturday, April 23
'None': The World's Newest Major Religion - Gabe Bullard, NatGeo
Greenland Has World's Highest Suicide Rate - Rebecca Hersher, NPR
Bernie's Harebrained 'Free College' Idea - Alex Caro, RealClearScience
Ever-Tightening Job Market for PhDs - Laura McKenna, The Atlantic
ISIS Plans Chemical, Nuclear, Biological Attacks - W. Watkinson, IBT
Problematic Images in 4% of Biomedical Papers - M. Baker, Nature
Found: 600-Mile Coral Reef Near Amazon River - R. Meyer, Atlantic
A Brain-Controlled Drone Race - Jason Dearen, AP
Five Odd Satellites From NASA's Past - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
CRISPR Foods Coming Soon to a Store Near You! - J. LeMieux, ACSH
Friday, April 22
The Science of Perpetual Outrage - Faye Flam, BloombergView
Cancer Research Is Broken - Daniel Engber, Slate
Does 'Brain Zapping' Actually Do Anything? - Emily Underwood, Sci.
The Strange Marriage of Physics and Biology - Philip Ball, Nautilus
The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality - Amanda Gefter, Quanta
Evolutionary Genetics for Theologians - S. Joshua Swamidass
Blood Flow Restriction Training Is Game Changer - Michael Joyner, SI
NRDC Is Lying About 'Agent Orange' - Josh Bloom, ACSH
Baby Dinosaur Fossil Reveals Neglect - Joel Shurkin, Inside Science
Elk Scream Like 'Lord of the Rings' Demons - Mary Bates, NatGeo
Thursday, April 21
Sushi Tuna Nears 'Commercial Extinction' - Elaine Kurtenbach, AP
The Terrifying Reality of Depression - Tim Lott, Guardian
The Trippy State Between Wakefulness & Sleep - V. Bell, Atlantic
Botox Can Treat Migraines - Jessica Firger, Newsweek
'Adaptation' Brain Circuit Fades with Age - Anna Salleh, ABC Science
The Personality of Academic Majors - Anna Vedel, Scientific American
The GMO Circus Goes to Congress - Julie Kelly & Henry Miller, Forbes
How to Protect Nuclear Plants from Terrorists - A. Macfarlane, Quartz
How Far Ahead Can We Predict Weather? - Eric Niiler, Discovery News
Volcano Implicated in Mayan Upheaval - Jonathan Amos, BBC News
Wednesday, April 20
U.S. Really Might Stop Producing Pennies - Matt Phillips, Quartz
Theranos Subject of Federal Criminal Probe - Abelson & Pollack, NYT
Consensus Is Part of the Scientific Method - Alex Berezow, RCS
Physicists Hunt for Big Bang's Triangles - Natalie Wolchover, Quanta
Galileo: Three Big Mistakes the Church Made - John Farrell, Forbes
Let 'Organic Photonic Skin' Light Up Your Bod - Annalee Newitz, AT
How Our Minds May Live on After Death - Brian Resnick, Vox
Why Do We Sleep? - Erik Hoel, Big Questions Online
Did Vikings Set Sail to Find Women, Slaves? - Andrew Lawler, Science
Legendary Wild West Snake Myth Busted - Michael Greshko, NatGeo

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