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Wednesday, April 1
Egypt's 'Mona Lisa' May Be a Fake - Owen Jarus, Live Science
Why Ancient Gods Walked with a Limp - Karl Kruszelnicki, ABC Sci.
Step Toward Uniting Relativity, Quantum Mech. - Lise Brix, SciNordic
How Special Is Our Solar System? - Brian Koberlein, Starts with a Bang!
What Would It Be Like to Live on Pluto? - Joseph Castro,
The Ringworm Irradiators - Rebecca Kreston, Body Horrors
Tiny Beetles Not Causing Big Wildfires - Cally Carswell, Science News
How a Fish Slobbered Its Way to Dry Land - James Urquhart, Cosmos
Rats Don't Like Pictures of Other Rats in Pain - Sarah Fecht, PopSci
When Fast Food Beats Supplements - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
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Tuesday, March 31
The Oncoming Medical Disaster - Joel Shurkin, Inside Science
An Apple a Day Won't Keep the Doctor Away - Tom Jacobs, PacStd
Mental Illness Alone Can't Explain Pilot's Behavior - Tanya Lewis, LS
Don't Blame Fracking for Methane in Drinking Water - E. Hand, Sci.
Why the West Coast Is in Hot Water - Brian Kahn, Climate Central
Poverty Shrinks Brains from Birth - Sara Reardon, Nature News
Why Social Science Lags Behind - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
'Google Maps' for the Human Body - Sonali Kohli, Quartz
Acoustic Insulator Could Hide Submarines - Katherine Kornei, PW
Great Chefs Are Highly Skilled Food Chemists - Alex Berezow, RCSci.
Monday, March 30
Why Hipsters Grow Beards - Cameron Macphail, The Telegraph
You're More Ignorant Than You Think - Steven Mazie, Big Think
Why Do People Enjoy Watching Torture? - Piero Scaruffi, IEET
Why Nothing Can Be 'Unnatural' - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Monkeys Suffer Human-Like Depression - Alex Berezow, RCScience
How Does a Chick Breathe in the Egg? - Alice Roberts, The Guardian
Large Dinosaur Unearthed in Siberia - Anna Liesowska, Siberian Times
The Most Powerful Neutrino Experiment - Michael Byrne, Mothboard
Russia, NASA Announce Plans for New Space Station - D-News
Surprising Trends in Online Porn - Justin Lehmiller, Business Insider
Saturday, March 28
The Republican Candidates Flunk Science - Ron Bailey, Reason
The Pope's Planetologists - Grayson Clary, Method
When Science Is Lost in a Legal Maze - George Johnson, NY Times
Stem Cells Finally Starting to Deliver - Carrie Arnold, PBS NOVA
Minnesota Man Gets Bionic Eye - Jeremy Olson, Star Tribune
How Bee Stings Beat Back Lyme Disease - Christie Wilcox, Mosaic
Surprises in the Hunter-Gatherer Microbiome - Ed Yong, Phenomena
Ancient Italians Defleshed Their Dead - Garry Shaw, Science Now
Heat and Sound Are Magnetic - Dexter Johnson, IEEE Spectrum
The Science Behind Supertides - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
Friday, March 27
Massive Underground City Found in Turkey - Jennifer Pinkowski, NG
The Strongest Case Yet for Dark Matter - Xaq Rzetelny, Ars Technica
Skyscrapers Trigger 'Thundersnow' - Shannon Palus, Eos
Why Spring Gets 30 Seconds Shorter Each Year - Laura Geggel, LS
More Evidence that Intelligence Is Malleable - Tom Jacobs, PacStd
Success for Non-Beating Heart Transplant - Ian Sample, Guardian
Antarctic Ice Rapidly Losing Its Edge - Carolyn Gramling, Science
Earthquake Prediction: The Chickens Are Restless - The Economist
The Beast of the Danube - Nick Thorpe, BBC News
Time to Talk About 'Male Menopause' - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Thursday, March 26
Humans Evolving Faster than Thought - Hannah Devlin, Guardian
Genetics of the 'Drunken Monkey' Hypothesis - Jef Akst, The Scientist
Iceland: World's Greatest Genetics Lab - Katie Palmer, Wired
Why Some People Have Sex for Science - Jane Ussher, Conversation
Avoiding the Crush: The Science of Crowds - Antony Funnell, ABC
Do Antidepressants Cause Weight Gain? - Olga Khazan, The Atlantic
An Anti-Freeze that's Safe for Pets to Drink - Rachel Feltman, WaPo
How Long to Fall Through the Earth? - Adrian Cho, Science News
The Most Endangered Elements - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
It's Never Been Easier to Track the Apocalypse - Hank Campbell, S2.0
Wednesday, March 25
The Science of Women's Curves - Amanda Smith, ABC Science
Modern Pot Laced with Heavy Metals, Fungus - B. Handwerk, S'sonian
A Treatment for Criminal Psychopathy? - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
A Long Night's Sleep May Be Bad for You - Ruth Alexander, BBC
Why Deadly Genes Persist in Humans - Jon Entine, Huffington Post
Galapagos Birds Developed New Eating Habits - Johan Andersen, SN
Organic LEDs May Light Up Future Fabrics - Shalini Saxena, Ars Tech.
Someday, Robots May Replace Mathematicians - Michael Erris, Slate
In 2115, For What Sins Will We Be Condemned? - Klein & Cave, Aeon
The Gravekeeper's Paradox - David Shultz, Nautilus
Tuesday, March 24
NYT Should Stop Writing About Science - Alex Berezow, RCScience
Experimental Forecast for Tornado Season 2015 - A. Thompson, CC
How Supertide Swallowed French Abbey - Mark Fischetti, SciAm
Great Barrier Reef Is Under Siege - Karl Gruber, Washington Post
Is Agriculture 'History's Biggest Fraud'? - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Wood Bison Reintroduced to Alaska after 100 Years - Dan Joling, AP
Opossum Blood Could Save Snakebite Victims - Jason Bittel, NatGeo
Sushi Parasite Inspires Worm Test for Cancer - Vijay Shankar, NS
'Penguin Anomaly' Hints at Missing Particles - N. Wolchover, Quanta
Being Comfortable in Robots' Uncanny Valley - David Shukman, BBC
Monday, March 23
NFL Football Player Is a Math Genius - Natalie Kitroeff, Bloomberg
A Big Step Towards Cloning a Mammoth? - Sarah Knapton, Telegraph
Should We End the 'War' on Cancer? - Wassersug & Hauser, Guardian
Review Links Coffee and Bladder Cancer - Alex Berezow, RCScience
Why Insulin in the U.S. Is So Expensive - Anders Kelto, KQED
L.A.'s Fast-Food Ban Didn't Work - Jesse Singal, Science of Us
The Ecological Consequences of Roads - Michelle Nijhuis, New Yorker
The Magic of the Gravity Assist - Oliver Morton, Intelligent Life
Can Space Expand Faster Than Light? - Ethan Siegel, Starts with Bang!
I Prefer My Seafood Without Sperm - Holly Bik, Deep Sea News
RCS Quiz: What Are the Body's 11 Major Systems?

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