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Tuesday, July 29
Science Changing What It Means to Be Dead - Judith Shulevitz, TNR
How Far Should We Go to Save Our Pets? - David Grimm, Slate
First, Schrodinger's Cat. Now 'Quantum Pigeons' - Marcus Woo, PW
Earth's Gravity Melts Layer Around Moon's Core - Stuart Gary, ABC
The Most Boring Time on Earth - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Overblown Stigma of Genital Herpes - Jon Fortenbury, The Atlantic
A Mysterious, Never-Ending Itch - Sandra Boodman, Washington Post
How Did Our Ancient Myths Begin? - Steve Connor, The Independent
The Answer, My Friend, Isn't Blowing in the Wind - Bjorn Lomborg, PS
FBI Investigates Anti-GMO Activist for Threats - Jon Entine, GLP
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Monday, July 28
Why Sleeping In Makes You More Tired - Nick Stockton, Wired
Low Education Makes Brain Age Faster - Bo Christensen, ScienceNordic
Could Sunscreen Come in a Pill? - Daniel Engber, Popular Science
Resistant 'Nightmare Bacteria' Increases 5-Fold - Maryn McKenna, Wired
Researcher Claims Souls Are Dark Matter - Alex Berezow, RealClearScience
Where Is All the Dark Matter? - Matthew Francis, Ars Technica
Popular Psychology Experiment May Be Worthless - Olga Khazan, Atlantic
In Search of 'Homo Economicus' - Neuroskeptic, Discover
1-Million-Year-Old Artifacts Found in South Africa - Sci-News
Saturday, July 26
Why Girls Scream at Boy Band Concerts - Chris Richards, Wash Post
Nice Women Finish First. Nice Men Don't. - Paula Mejia, Newsweek
Lack of Sleep Leads to False Memories - Steven Novella, Neurologica
The Virus Controlling Your Gut Bacteria - Azeen Ghorayshi, NewScientist
Insects: The Future of Fast Food - Daniella Martin, Conservation Magazine
I Am a Monsanto Collaborator - Jesus Madrazo, Monsanto Blog
Fluffy Dinosaur Raises New Questions - Brian Switek, Phenomena
A Science Fact-Check of 2001: Space Odyssey - Roxanne Palmer, The Week
Why I'm Leaving Scientific American - Kate Clancy, Scientific American
Newton: The Disorder Where Your Hand Has a Mind of Its Own
Friday, July 25
Many Things Wrong with General Relativity - Marianne Freiberger, Plus
Alternative Fusion Technologies Heat Up - Mitchell Waldrop, Nature
Linguistic Tics that Reveal Your Insecurity - Katy Waldman, Slate
Why Don't People Help Victims of Violent Crime? - Dwyer Gunn, Aeon
When Hands Develop Minds of Their Own - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Why Are Some People More Prone to Mosquito Bites? - H. Keyser, MF
How Greens Hijacked Natural Gas - Jon Entine, Philanthropy
Interview with a National Security Robot - Stephen Buranyi, M'board
6th Grader Plagiarizes a PhD's Research - Jessica Lahey, The Atlantic
RCS Feature: Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
RCS Feature: Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs
Thursday, July 24
Why Has the Sun Gone Eerily Quiet? - Deborah Netburn, LA Times
Lasers Could Be Future of Anti-Missile Tech - Kelsey Atherton, PopSci
Why Is Einstein the Poster Boy for Genius? - Matthew Francis, Aeon
GMO Fearmongering Keeps Africa in Poverty - Rob Bailey, Guardian
Moose Saliva Turns Off Grass's Toxic Defenses - Michael Marshall, NS
Why Freshwater Dolphins Are So Endangered - Rachel Nuwer, S'sonian
Snakes Attack Themselves in Microgravity - Jason Goldman, io9
Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Journal Club: Should Men Sit Down to Pee?
Wednesday, July 23
Transistor Successor May Radically Alter Computing - W. Grossman, SA
The Many Myths Circulating about MH17 - Martin Enserink, Slate
Why Pundits Make Wild Predictions - Levitt & Dubner, 'Think Like a Freak'
Revolutionary Biotech May Offer HIV Cure - David Shultz, RCScience
What Caused the Deadly Washington Mudslide? - Warren Cornwall, NG
Injection Wells: How to Avoid Earthquakes - Kate Ravilious, Phys. World
Formerly Uncontacted Tribe Contracts Flu - Heather Pringle, Science
Plague Kills 1 Person, China Quarantines 30,000 - AFP
Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Tuesday, July 22
The Most Unscientific Movie Ever? - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
What to Do with a Failed $5 Billion Experiment? - Tom Hartsfield, RCSci.
Biotech Lab Aims to Make Synthetic Milk - Tuan Nguyen, Wash. Post
Reducing Crop Waste Could Feed Billions - Mark Zastrow, Nature
Cities Thrive Most When They Are a Tangled Mess - Will Wiles, Aeon
Can Humans Smell Fear? - Daniel Engber, Popular Science
Antioxidants: A Tale of Two Scientists - Hank Campbell, Science 2.0
Religious Children Are Easier to Fool - Luke Malone, Vocativ
North Korean Architect's Crazy Vision of Future - Kyle Vanhemert, Wired
Monday, July 21
Political Correctness: A Disease with No Cure - Alex Berezow, RCScience
Robert Kennedy Jr. Is Obsessive and Dangerous - Laura Helmuth, Slate
What If Your Son Has a Condition New to Science? - Seth Mnookin, NYer
What Rolling Over During Sleep Says About You - Buzz Skyline, PhysCent
Humans Aren't the Pinnacle of Evolution - Jason Dorrier, Singularity Hub
Existing Cropland Could Feed 3 Billion More - Fiona Harvey, The Guardian
What Is a 'Cup of Coffee' Really? - Jenifer Mizen, Chemistry World
Geophysicists Crack Secrets of Mount Rainier - Sci-News
Proof We Landed on the Moon Is in the Dust - Amy Shira Teitel, PopSci
New Quantum Assault on Conventional Logic - Tom Siegfried, ScienceNews
Saturday, July 19
The Most Terrifying Thought Experiment Ever - David Auerbach, Slate
Why Some People Are Attracted to Jerks - Erin McCarthy, Mental Floss
Online Reading Is a Whole Different Story - Maria Konnikova, New Yorker
How Fatherhood Changes the Brain - Christian Jarrett, Wired
What Happens When an Amoeba 'Eats' a Brain? - Roni Jacobson, SciAm
Electric Bacteria Live on Pure Energy - Catherine Brahic, NewScientist
Vegetables Are Trying to Kill You - Moises Velasquez-Manoff, Nautilus
End Silence on Accidental Bowel Leakage - Kelly Brezoczky, Wash Post
Moon Colonists Could Live in Lunar Caves - Jason Koebler, Motherboard
Why Didn't California's Phone Ban Reduce Accidents? - J. Upton, PSMag
Newton Blog: The Things We Think Make Us Happy... Don't

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