RealClearScience Morning Edition

Monday, March 26
Is Santorum Correct That Porn Is Bad? - Stephanie Pappas, Live Science
Relax, 'Pink Slime' Isn't Any Worse Than a Hot Dog - Ari Levaux, Atlantic
Warning: Reading This May Cause Cancer - Trevor Butterworth, Forbes
Human Gene Mutation Linked to Cases of Severe Flu - BBC News
Immune Deficiency: We Are Nature's Mice - Bharat Srinivasa, Science 2.0
The Scientific Case Against Free Will - Jerry Coyne, Chronicle of Higher Ed.
The Case Against the Case Against Free Will - Alfred Mele, Chron. High. Ed
'Hunger Games' Exposes Myth of Tech Progress - Jeremy Hsu, Discovery
Chemical Analysis Challenges Moon Theory - Ron Cowen, Nature News
What Color Are Plants on Other Planets? - Jeffrey Marlow, Wired
Newton: When It Comes to Telescopes, Bigger Is Definitely Better
Tuesday, March 27
'HuffPo Science' Posts Anti-Science Rant - Mark Hoofnagle, ScienceBlogs
Nuclear Fusion Power Is a Real Possibility - Jesse Emspak, MSNBC
How to Fuel the Hydrogen Economy Using Nuclear Power - Science 2.0
Can Iceland Use the Heat from 'Hell'? - Arnfinn Christensen, ScienceNordic
3D Solar Towers Improve Power Output - Darren Quick, Gizmag
The Trouble with Data that Outpaces Theory - Dennis Overbye, NYT
Shape-Shifting Octopus Mimics 15 Other Animals - Robert Krulwich, NPR
Pavlov, Placebos Could Reduce Side Effects - Corrinne Burns, Guardian
Does Heart Transplant Cause a Change of Heart? - Will Oremus, Slate
Why Room-Temperature Coffee Tastes Bad - Natalie Wolchover, LLM
Newton Blog: 'MythBusters': Blowing Stuff Up for Science
Wednesday, March 28
Molecule That Makes Men Go Bald Found - Sarah Zhang, Discover Blogs
Whales: The Power of Evolutionary Prediction - Dennis Venema, BioLogos
Dolphins: Living Loose in the Ocean - Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News
Lice Reveal Lemur's Sordid Nightlife - Elizabeth Preston, Field of Science
Electric Animals That Aren't Eels - Rose Pastore, Popular Science
Wind Farms: Gone With the Wind - Bjorn Lomborg, Project Syndicate
EPA Reduces New Coal Power Plants' CO2 - Dina Cappiello, Yahoo! News
Quantum Effect Controls Molecular Circuit - Matthew Francis, Ars Tech.
Will Chocolate Help You Stay Slim? - Cameron English, PolicyMic
Can Getting Drunk Make You Conservative? - Hank Campbell, Science 2.0
Newton Blog: String Theory Is Cool, But It's Got a Problem
Thursday, March 29
What's the Earth Really Made Of? - Anthony King, Cosmos Magazine
Fossilized Raindrops Reveal Early Atmosphere - Anna Salleh, ABC Science
'Exploding Dinosaur' Myth Busted - Nick Collins, Telegraph
Foot of New Human Ancestor Discovered? - Azadeh Ansari, CNN Light Yrs
New Shark Confuses Conservationists - Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News
International Influenza Surveillance Lacking - Declan Butler, Nature
Zooming in on Empty Patch of Night Sky - Ethan Siegel, ScienceBlogs
Small Things Considered: A History of Atoms - Marcelo Gleiser, NPR
Helium Shortage Won't Hurt LIFE Fusion - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
In Defense of Sigmund Freud - Matthew Gullo, The Conversation
Friday, March 30
Is Wall Street Full of Psychopaths? - James Silver, The Atlantic
Inverting the Science Ph.D. Pyramid Scheme - Jon Bardin, Chronicle HE
How Do We Report Science in the Public Interest? - Alice Bell, Guardian
Pesticide Linked to Declining Bee Colonies - Carl Zimmer, NY Times
Studying Inner Space Almost as Difficult as Outer Space - The Economist
Piano Inspires Land Mine Detector - Neal Ungerleider, Fast Company
Debate: Pros, Cons of Nuclear - Jannuzzi, Lockman & Kumaraswamy, BAS
A Fight Over the Discovery of Silicene - Brian Jacobsmeyer, Inside Science
Handprints May Indicate Height, Gender - Anna Salleh, ABC Science
Do Animals Commit Suicide? - Katharine Gammon, Life's Little Mysteries
Newton Blog: If You're Going to College, Please Learn Something
Saturday, March 31
Can Tunisia Be 'Silicon Valley' of Arab World? - David Rohde, Atlantic
America's Increasing Linguistic Polarization - Julie Sedivy, Discover
'Faster-than-Light' Neutrino Scientist Resigns - BBC News
How Biology Could Cause Higgs-Like Excitement - Heidi Ledford, Nature
Where Might Life Be Hiding on Europa? - Nola Redd, Astrobiology
'Nanorefrigerator' Cooled w/ Sunlight - Tushna Commissariat, Phys. World
Hot Swimming: Elite Team of Nuclear Divers - David Goodwillie, PopSci
The Anthropocene: A Dangerous Epoch - Gail Osherenko, Miller-McCune
Shaken or Stirred: What Gets You Drunker? - Brent Rose, Gizmodo
Attractive Women, Don't Include Photo w/ Job Application - Economist
Newton Blog: Hogwarts Animal Fight: Which House Would Win?