RealClearScience Evening Edition

Wednesday, July 27
Slimy Beaches: Florida's New Normal? - Laura Parker, Nat Geo
Tapping Genetics for Better Beer - Ewen Callaway, Nature News
New Antibiotic Found in Human Nose - Kai Kupferschmidt, Science
How Sound Makes Food Taste Better - Simran Sethi, Nautilus
The Myth of Human Adult Neurogenesis? - Neuroskeptic, Discover
The Remarkable Inconsistency Of Climate Denial - Adam Frank, NPR
Tuesday, July 26
Mysterious New Whale Species Discovered - Craig Welch, Nat Geo
The Key To Physics' Greatest Mystery? - Sabine Hossenfelder, Forbes
Women Are Harassed Out of Science - Massinger & Williams, Atlantic
Vaccines Should Be Mandatory - Diamond & Day Danziger, Slate
Dolly the Sheep's Clones Are Aging Well - Ian Sample, The Guardian
Trump and Clinton Worlds Apart on Science - Jeff Tollefson, Nature
Monday, July 25
Meet Our Last Universal Ancestor - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Did Earth Have Oxygen Much Earlier? - Thomas Sumner, ScienceNews
Quantum Computer Simulates Hydrogen - Philip Ball, Chem World
"Dinosaur Fish" May Not Survive a Dam - Joanna Klein, N.Y. Times
Why We Should Let Wildfires Burn - Claire Asher, BBC Earth
Does It Matter if a Paper Isn't Peer-Reviewed? - Daniel Engber, Slate
Friday, July 22
The Most Impossible Tech From Star Trek - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Race Is Not a Purely Social Construct - Steven Novella, Neurologica
Are Statistics Useful in Politics? - Peter Bruce, Scientific American
Breast-Feeding the Microbiome - Ed Yong, The New Yorker
Britain's Rarest Plant Is a Ghost - Robert Krulwich, Phenomena
Why Humpback Whales Save Seals - Erik Stokstad, Science News
Thursday, July 21
Does Caffeine Really Dehydrate You? - Kate Goldbaum, LiveScience
We Need to Hear Controversial Things - Peter Ellerton, Conversation
Dark Matter Evades Detection Yet Again - Sarah Lewin,
Microwave Technology Heats Up - Positron, Physics Central
New Creatures Spotted in Deepest Trench - Laura Hampton, NewSci
It's Okay to Be Optimistic About Our Oceans - Kate T. May, TED Ideas
Wednesday, July 20
Seven Bizarre Ancient Cultures - Stephanie Pappas, NewScientist
Protoplanet Once Smashed Into the Moon - Rebecca Morelle, BBC
Scientists Create "Superatom" Molecules - Jacob Aron, NewScientist
Debunking the Optics of Ghost Sightings - Neel Patel, Inverse
What's the Point of the PhD Thesis? - Julie Gould, Nature
Scientists Should Stop Explaining So Much - Amanda Freise, Sci Am
Tuesday, July 19
The Attempt to Explain Away Dark Energy - Adrian Cho, Science
Quantum Computing at Room Temperature - M. Choucair, Conv'sation
Humans Can See a Single Photon - Belinda Smith, Cosmos Magazine
Turkey Purges Universities After Coup - Alison Abbott, Nature News
Religious Dialogue Found in Caribbean Cave - Mark Brown, Guardian
RealClearFuture: Top News About Tomorrow - Rob Tracinski, RCF
Monday, July 18
The World's Most Expensive Pet Fish - Simon Worrall, Nat Geo
The Island With the Most Unique Animals - Ben Garrod, Conversation
Organisms Might Be Quantum Machines - Martha Henriques, BBC
How the Lost City of Angkor Was Found - Annalee Newitz, Ars Tech
All the World's Data on a Slip of Paper - William Herkewitz, Pop Mech
Virtual Reality: Your Next Painkiller - Rachel Metz, MIT Tech Review

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