RealClearScience Evening Edition

Tuesday, May 24
The Secret History of Ancient Toilets - Chelsea Wald, Nature News
There's Nothing Magical About Breakfast - Aaron Carroll, N.Y. Times
Mathematicians Bridge Finite & Infinite - Natalie Wolchover, Quanta
Should You Rescue Wild Animals? - Todd Wilkinson, Nat'l Geographic
The Nuns Who Charted the Stars - Laura Bliss, The Atlantic
GMO Opponents May Never Be Convinced - Jesse Singal, Sci of Us
Monday, May 23
Why Antarctica's Sea Ice Is Spreading - Belinda Smith, Cosmos
Physicists Make Water Explode - Michael Byrne, Motherboard
A Historic Fine Over Animal Welfare - Sara Reardon, Nature News
Solar Superflares Set Stage for Earth's Life - Irene Klotz, D-News
Companies Adapting to Climate Change - Nanette Byrnes, MIT Review
The Man Who Gets Stung for Science - Jason Bittel, Smithsonian
Friday, May 20
Humans Aren't Made for Meat-Eating - Barbara King, NPR
A Horned Dinosaur Revolution - Brian Switek, Smithsonian
When Did Isaac Newton Finally Fail? - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Two Factors Explain Gender Pay Gap in Science - Helen Shen, Nature
How to Cut Cancer Deaths by 50% - Carolyn Johnson, The Independent
Medical Science Spin Is a Big Problem - Kelly Crowe, CBC News
Thursday, May 19
There's No Such Thing as Free Will - Stephen Cave, The Atlantic
Is Gut Science Biased? - Anna Maria Barry-Jester, FiveThirtyEight
How to Stop an Antibiotic Apocalypse - Maryn McKenna, Phenomena
Why Three-Parent Embryos Could Fail - Kelly Servick, Science News
Mega Tsunamis Once Rocked Mars - Charles Q. Choi,
The Secret Tunnel at Teotihuacan - Matthew Shaer, Smithsonian
Wednesday, May 18
Did the Paleo Diet Doom Neanderthals? - Abigail Tucker, Smithsonian
One Man's Extreme Fecal Transplant - Arielle Duhaime-Ross, The Verge
A Divisive Study on Early Multicellular Organisms - The Guardian
The Archaeology of the Undead - James Close, The Atlantic
Your Brain Is Not a Computer - Robert Epstein, Aeon Magazine
The Beautiful Metal That Stores Energy - Gomes & Baxter, Conversation
Tuesday, May 17
Seven Bizarre Thought Experiments - Stephen Battersby, NewScientist
The Harm in Blindly Going Gluten-Free - James Hamblin, Atlantic
Outbursts May Starve Black Holes - Xaq Rzetelny, Ars Technica
Misguided Skepticism About Skeptics - Steven Novella, Neurologica
Are You Raising a Little Criminal? - Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard
Do Old People Really Need Less Sleep? - Claudia Hammond, BBC
Monday, May 16
These Numbers May Be Illegal to Share - Chris Baraniuk, BBC
The Latest Twist on Light - Edwin Cartlidge, Physics World
The Biggest Storm in Our Solar System - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
La Nina is Likely on the Way - Dennis Mersereau, Mental Floss
Rocket Scientists Tackle High-Heels - Megan Garber, The Atlantic
Four Ways to Beat Antibiotic Resistance - Jenny Morber, PBS NOVA

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