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Thursday, May 28
Why Driving Turns Us into Jerks - Bryan Gardiner, Wired
How Bed Bugs Infest Our Homes & Minds - Brooke Borel, Aeon
Icy Moons May Be Best Places to Hunt for Life - The Economist
How Math's Most Famous Proof Nearly Broke - Peter Brown, Nautilus
Nebraska Abolishes Death Penalty - Russel Berman, The Atlantic
Lawyer: Chimp Research Akin to Slavery - Jake Pearson, AP
Wednesday, May 27
How the Mars Astronauts Will Die - Loren Grush, Popular Science
One of the Most Biodiverse Places on Earth - Matt Blitz, Smithsonian
Germs at the Scene of the Crime - Viviane Richter, Cosmos Magazine
Sudden Infant Death Linked to Elevation - Stephanie Pappas, Live Sci.
Maze-Like Beamsplitter Is World's Smallest - Ker Than, Physics World
Physicist Sells Nobel Prize: Opening Bid at $325K - Keith Ridler, AP
Tuesday, May 26
Scientists Create Supersize Fruit - Elizabeth Pennisi, Science News
Nasty Ragweed Invades Europe - Amar Toor, Verge
An Organic Chemist's Intuition - Jason Woolford, Chemistry World
Nepal: Monsoon Sets Up 'Race Against the Clock' - Brian Kahn, CC
A Hospital for Falcons in Qatar - Justin Marozzi, BBC News
Floating Turd Mystery Still Haunts NASA - Joseph Stromberg, Vox
Friday, May 22
Why It Pays to Be a Jerk - Jerry Useem, The Atlantic
Engineered Fungus Is 'Part Human' - Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News
GMOs Could Save the World, if We Let Them - T. Parrett, Newsweek
U.S. May Get Billion-Dollar Collider - Edwin Cartlidge, Nature News
Hyperloop Test Track to Be Built - Tanya Lewis, LiveScience
An Arctic Search for the Origin of Dogs - David Grimm, Science Now
Thursday, May 21
The New Shape of Fusion - Daniel Clery, Science News
WTC: Fastest Elevators in Western Hemisphere - L. Greenemeier, SA
What Is Killing Kazakhstan's Rare Antelope? - Baker, Sharipzhan, RFE
Is Depression a Symptom of Parkinson's? - A. LaFrance, Atlantic
Bronze Age Woman Led a Modern Life - Brandon Keim, NatGeo
Why Pundits Are Bad at Predicting the Future - Antony Funnell, ABC
Wednesday, May 20
Everybody, Calm Down About Breastfeeding - Emily Oster,
Quantifying the Soft, Doughy 'Dad Bod' - Barro & Wolfers, NY Times
Pipeline Oil Spill Fouls California Coast - Alan Taylor, The Atlantic
Humpback Fish at Risk of Extinction - John Platt, Scientific American
Obama's 1500-Mile 'Butterfly Corridor' - Jenni Avins, Quartz
Quiet Zone: Where Cell Phones Are Banned - Holba & Hall, BBC News
Tuesday, May 19
Generational Labels Are Lazy and Wrong - Rebecca Onion, Aeon
Is Nicotine as Benign as Caffeine? - Kate Kelland, Reuters
Drought Will Strain Western U.S. Power Grid - George Dvorsky, io9
Will Computers Redefine Roots of Math? - Kevin Hartnett, Quanta
The Science of Craving - Amy Fleming, Intelligent Life
Facebook Is Making You Sad - Seriously, Science?
Monday, May 18
Why Do Men Even Exist? - Rachel Feltman, Washington Post
Most Sex Statistics Are Wrong - Tim Harford, Undercover Economist
Yeast Engineered to Make Morphine - Rachel Ehrenberg, Nature News
Defecation Really Is Fascinating - Annalisa Barbieri, The Guardian
Short-Sightedness Rising in Europe - Science 2.0
What Caused Capitalism? - Jeremy Adelman, Foreign Affairs

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