RealClearScience Evening Edition

Tuesday, July 22
High Cost of Neglecting the Mentally Ill - Liz Szabo, USA Today
CDC's Misguided Policy on Dangerous Pathogens - Henry Miller, Forbes
We Should Destroy Smallpox Stocks - Jeanne Guillemin, BotAS
Did Penicillin Cause Sexual Revolution? - Kerry Grens, The Scientist
Why Are Tattoos Permanent? - Olga Khazan, The Atlantic
What Would Happen to Earth After Nuke War? - Francie Diep, PopSci
Monday, July 21
The Disease That Truly Scares Bug Experts - Vanessa Urquhart, Slate
Sixth-Grader's Science Project Wows Ecologists - Staff, NPR
The Secret of Natural Sandstone Arches - Jonathan Webb, BBC News
5 Unsolved Mysteries of Our Solar System's Moons - C.J. Miozzi, Escapist
When a State Legalized Prostitution by Accident - Max Ehrenfreund, WaPo
The Quest to Brew Beer With Space Yeast - Betsy Mason, Wired
Friday, July 18
The Importance of Eating Together - Cody Delistraty, The Atlantic
Weird Things Your Body Does: Explained - Brian Palmer, Slate
What's So Funny? - Mary Beard, Chronicle of Higher Education
Is It Moral to Hire Postdocs? - Sergey Kryazhimskiy, Thoughts for Breakfast
How Black Holes Could Explode - Ron Cowen, Nature News
A Superhero Suit to Explore the Deep Ocean - Amanda Holpuch, Guardian
Thursday, July 17
The Untold Story of the 1969 Moon Landing - Robert Krulwich, NPR
Rarely Seen Photos from Inside Apollo 11 - Discovery News
Using Laughing Gas in Childbirth - Melanie Plenda, The Atlantic
Microbes with Mind-Control - Wendy Zukerman, Cosmos Magazine
The End Is Nigh for the Guinea Worm - Alexandra Ossola, PopSci
More than Just Smallpox in that Storage Room - Dennis & Sun, WaPo
Wednesday, July 16
Modern Bathroom Is Wasteful and Unhealthy - Lloyd Alter, Guardian
Why the Amazon Flows Backward - Sid Perkins, Science News
Mysterious Crater Appears in Siberia - George Dvorsky, io9
Gullies on Mars Carved by Dry Ice? - Nola Redd,
Diamond Crushed to Saturn's Extremes - James Morgan, BBC News
10 Ways to See Dinosaurs in Birds - Brian Switek, Mental Floss
Tuesday, July 15
Postmodernism Encourages Pseudoscience - Marcel Kuntz, GLP
10 Common GMO Myths Debunked - Brooke Borel, Popular Science
One-Third of Alzheimer's Cases Preventable? - Jack Simpson, Indep.
Some Nanoparticles May Harm the Brain - Jules Wellinghoff, Science
Can Fern that Cooled Planet Do It Again? - Jennifer Huizen, SciAm
Blame Bicyclists for Traffic Accidents? - Matt Theisen, Primary Structure
Monday, July 14
Ancient Skull May Contain Preserved Brain - April Holloway, A-Origins
How Long Can Humans Go Without Air? - Frank Swain, BBC Future
Low-Carb Diets Are Not Revolutionary - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
How Cold War U.S. Booted Women Out of Science - Rebecca Onion, Slate

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