RealClearScience Evening Edition

Monday, October 5
How Religious Belief Evolved - Elizabeth Palermo, LiveScience
U.S. Still Learning How to Teach Science - John Timmer, Ars Technica
Why Crows Gather Around Their Dead - Melissa Hogenboom, BBC
Antarctica Scientists Probably Drink Too Much - Eric Niiler, Wired
Oxygen on Exoplanet Doesn't Indicate Life - Nola T. Redd,
Psychotherapy's Benefits Likely Overestimated - Julia Belluz, Vox
Friday, October 2
The Strangest Form of Consciousness - David Robson, BBC
Why Science Needs Metaphysics - Roger Trigg, Nautilus
Ben Carson's Scientific Ignorance - Lawrence Krauss, The New Yorker
How the Nobel Prize Became Controversial - Susannah Locke, Vox
What It's Like to Fly into a Hurricane - Adrienne LaFrance, Atlantic
Top Spots for Aliens in Our Neighborhood - Irene Klotz, D-News
Thursday, October 1
The Trouble with Theories of Everything - Lawrence Krauss, Nautilus
Magical Answer to 80-Year-Old Puzzle - Erica Klarreich, Quanta
Bitcoin & Future of Cryptocurrencies - Andy Extance, Nature News
How Bronze Age Britons Mummified the Dead - Ian Sample, Guardian
Did Dino-Killing Asteroid Pump Up Volcanoes? - Scott Johnson, AT
Rare Bird Photographed for First Time, Then Killed - R. Lorenzi, DN
Wednesday, September 30
Ceres' Spots Remain Mysterious - Jonathan Webb, BBC News
What 'The Martian' Gets Right, Wrong - Jeffrey Kluger, Time
Graphene Takes a Giant Leap? - Jon Cartwright, Chemistry World
What 2,500 Sequenced Genomes Say About Us - Lizzie Wade, Wired
Lizard in Kosovo Has Three Tails - James Owen, National Geographic
A Google Algorithm Searches for Truth - Paul Willis, ABC Science
Tuesday, September 29
The 1,000-mph Car - Vlad Savov, The Verge
Can a Vaccine Save the Tasmanian Devil? - Discovery News
How to Stop Cancer Patients Wasting Away - Viviane Richter, Cosmos
A New Hope in HIV Prevention - Dinsa Sachan, Chemistry World
The Parasite that Only Lives in Cephalopods - Esther Inglis-Arkell, io9
Monkeys Are Also Fooled by Optical Illusions - Sammy Maine, Wired
Monday, September 28
Water Is Flowing on Mars - Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic
Searching for Life in Mars Water Will Be Tricky - Lee Billings, Sci Am
'Martian' Success Due to Peer Review - Victoria Jaggard, Smithsonian
Evolution in Toxic Toad Eaters - Christie Wilcox, Discover
First Glowing Sea Turtle Found - Jane Lee, National Geographic
World's Tiniest Snail Fits in Needle's Eye - Aisling Irwin, NewScientist
Friday, September 25
The Dark Side of Empathy - Paul Bloom, The Atlantic
How to Avoid Food Coma - Angus Stewart, Brain Decoder
The Truth About Pigs - Henry Nicholls, BBC Earth
The Middle East's Mystery Virus - Alisa Reznick, PBS NOVA
Lost Graves From Milwaukee's Boom Time - Elisa Neckar, Discover
Archimedes' Sphere Brought to Life - Jo Marchant, Nature News

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