RealClearScience Evening Edition

Monday, January 26
Our Shared Sexual Insecurities - Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, NY Times
Did Edgar Allan Poe Foresee Modern Physics? - John Horgan, Sci Am
Dolphins Seem to Mourn for Their Dead - Mary Bates, Wired
Thirst 'Switch' Found in Mouse Brain - Tanya Lewis, LiveScience
Massive Asteroid Flies Past Earth - Nicky Woolf, The Guardian
Whatever Happened to 'Eco-Terrorism'? - Lauren Kirchner, PS Mag
Friday, January 23
Scientists Slow the Speed of Light - Kenneth Macdonald, BBC News
The New Measles - Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic
How the Gambler's Fallacy Wreaks Havoc - Steven Mazie, Big Think
The Science of Deflategate - Chad Orzel, The Conversation
Social Scientists as Vital as Engineers - Jonathan Michie, Guardian
How the Earth Will Get Its Revenge - Chris Mooney, Washington Post
Thursday, January 22
Why You Dream About Being Naked - Elizabeth Svoboda, Nautilus
The Wisdom Deficit in Schools - Michael Godsey, The Atlantic
Bioethics of Growing Human Kidneys in Rats - Tanya Lewis, Live Sci.
Senate Agrees Climate Change Is Real, 98-1 - Rich McCormick, Verge
Ancient, Magnificent Trees from Around World - Zach Slobig, Wired
10 Words that Are Actually Portmanteaux - Amanda Green, M-Floss
Wednesday, January 21
Who Benefits from Transhumanism? - David Warmflash, GLP
Science Gets Its Moment in Obama's SOTU - David Malakoff, Science
The Allergens in Natural Beauty Products - Rebecca Guenard, Atlantic
Extroverts Have Stronger Immune Systems? - Linda Geddes, NewSci.
Umami Makes Civilization Delicious - John McQuaid, Slate
Davos: Leaders to Focus on Threats to Humanity - Mico Tatalovic, NS
Tuesday, January 20
Heavenly Near-Death Experience a Fraud - Ron Charles, Wash. Post
Elon Musk Wants Global Wi-Fi to Fund Mars City - Max Metzger, NW
Asteroids May Not Be Planet Building Blocks - Charles Choi, Space
Atmosphere May Prevent Tidal Locking - Ken Croswell, Physics World
Why Do We Like Bitter Foods? - John McQuaid, Slate
15 Uniquely German 'Diseases' - Arika Okrent, Mental Floss
Monday, January 19
Obama's Ongoing War on Science - Henry Miller, National Review
Rapere: The Anti-Drone Drone - Kelsey Atherton, Popular Science
80% of Americans Want Food Labels for 'DNA' - Ilya Somin, WaPo
Ebola's Possible Future as Endemic Disease - Kari Lydersen, The Crux
Case for a University Happiness Ranking - Chris Woolston, Nature
Kids Should Eat Less Pizza - Bahar Gholipour, Live Science
Friday, January 16
Astronomers Find Lost Mars Lander - Sarah Knapton, Telegraph
Billions of Planets Looking More Habitable - Will Herkewitz, PopMech
What's Behind the Hole in the Sun? - Alan Duffy, Cosmos Magazine
Why It's Good to Be Wrong - David Deutsch, Nautilus
Women Can't Be Geniuses? - Bahar Gholipour, LiveScience
How Deaf Could 'Hear' Through Their Tongues - Loren Grush, PopSci

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