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Wednesday, November 25
Is Eating Fat Really Bad for You? - Julia Belluz, Vox
Constipation: An Historical View - Helen King, Wonders & Marvels
Solving the Asthma Riddle - Elizabeth Finkel, Cosmos Magazine
Bezos Claims Success on 2nd Spaceship Flight - Jonathan Amos, BBC
Move 2,000 Pounds with a Fingertip - Michele Debczak, Mental Floss
How Lucy Changed Our View of Evolution - Lily Rothman, Time
Tuesday, November 24
Math Confirms Pluto Isn't a Planet - Rick Lovett, Cosmos Magazine
El Nino Hits a New Record - Brian Kahn, Climate Central
Physicists Want to Be Wrong About Higgs Boson - S. Brewster, Wired
Are Pedophiles' Brains Wired Differently? - Richard Sanders, BBC
Spider Personalities Affect Pest Control - Elizabeth Preston, Inkfish
Ancient Bibles Made from Livestock - Andrew Curry, Science News
Monday, November 23
Mars to Become a Ringed Planet - Irene Klotz, Discovery News
Is Anything in the Universe Constant? - Sean Carroll, PBS NewsHour
Mapping the World's Largest Volcano - Brian Clark Howard, Nat Geo
Biggest Mystery in Weather Technology - Adrienne LaFrance, Atlantic
80-Year-Old Prank in the Periodic Table - Robert Krulwich, Phenom
What Is Healthy Eating? - Alex Renton, The Guardian
Friday, November 20
Lost Island of Ancient Greece Discovered - Nick Romeo, Nat Geo
ITER Fusion to Take Six Years Longer - Daniel Clery, Science Insider
Evolution Is Winning Out Over Creationism - Rachel Gross, Slate
Men Overeat to Impress Women - Julie Beck, The Atlantic
The Downsides of Being Clean - Katia Moskvitch, BBC Future
How Medicine Impacts Your Sex Life - Meeri Kim, Washington Post
Thursday, November 19
GMO Salmon Approved by FDA - Steenhuysen & Polansek, Reuters
Milky Way Stole Star Cluster from Neighbor - Ken Croswell, NewSci.
Quantum Mechanics Puts Our Identities on Trial - A. Gefter, Nautilus
What to Do During a Terrorist Attack - Camila Ruz, BBC News
'Superduck' Dinosaur: How Crests Evolved - M. Weisberger, LiveSci
Viper Venom Could Save Lives During Surgery - The Economist
Wednesday, November 18
The Loneliest Galaxy in the Universe - Ian O'Neill, Discovery News
First Images of Planet in Act of Forming - Xaq Rzetelny, Ars Technica
How Floods Shaped Civilization - Andrew Lawler, Slate
Like Reality, Taste Is a Fragile Illusion - Rachel Feltman, Wash. Post
Tasers Can Be Deadly - Alexandra Ossola, Popular Science
The 'Let's Scare People to Death' Playbook - Henry Miller, Forbes
Tuesday, November 17
How One Man's Face Became Another Man's Face - Steve Fishman, NY
El Nino to Be Among Biggest on Record - Tom Miles, Reuters
New Law Should Reduce Food Poisoning - Julia Belluz, Vox
Protein 'Compasses' Feed Info to Nerves? - Ian Sample, Guardian
How Bats Can Land Upside Down - James Owen, National Geographic
Why You Bought that Ugly Sweater - Eleanor Smith, The Atlantic
Monday, November 16
Maybe the Universe Won't Collapse - Michael Byrne, Motherboard
Can We See Our Galaxy's Huge Black Hole? - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Is a New Type of Life Form in Our Guts? - David Nield, Science Alert
Found: Europe's Fourth Ancestral Tribe - BBC News
Five Myths About the Common Cold - Neda Frayha, Washington Post
What Causes 'Blood Rain'? - Patrick J. Kiger, Discovery News

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