RealClearScience Evening Edition

Wednesday, November 26
How the Polish Buried Their Vampires - Alex Berezow, RCScience
Odd Carvings in 1700-Year-Old Silk Road Cemetery - Owen Jarus, LS
NASA Is Desperately Seeking Plutonium - Alexandra Witze, Nature
Rooftop Mirrors to Replace Air Conditioning? - Ian Sample, Guardian
Resurrecting Urban Streams - Brian Howard, National Geographic
USDA Approves Low-Acrylamide GMO Potato - Rebecca Trager, CW
Tuesday, November 25
The Origins of Aggressive Atheism - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Are Women More Open to Sex than They Admit? - Tom Jacobs, PS
What Do Zombies Say About Us? - Davia Sills, Aeon Magazine
A Day in the Life of an Ebola Worker - Dina Fine Maron, Scientific Am.
How to Make Espresso in Space - Stuart Clark, Guardian
Magic Shoes: How to Hear Yourself Happy - Corrinne Burns, NewSci.
Monday, November 24
How Much Do You Change After 30? - Melissa Dahl, Science of Us
You Can't Educate People into Evolution Belief - E. Green, Atlantic
The Inner Secrets of Neutron Stars - Louise Mayor, Physics World
The BPA Paradox: Too Many Studies? - Steve Hentges, Science 2.0
Stunning Changes Along Colorado River - Jon Waterman, Nat Geo
Friday, November 21
Does Russia Have a Space Weapon? - Mike Wall,
The First Look at a Nuclear Meltdown - Stuart Gary, ABC Science
The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis - Jonathan Rauch, The Atlantic
Banking Culture Primes People to Cheat - Kerri Smith, Nature News
Scientists Accidently Drive Two Species Extinct - Emma Marris, Slate
Why Don't People Believe in Climate Change? - Brad Balukjian, PBS
Thursday, November 20
Why Millennials Can't Find Homes, Jobs - Derek Thompson, Atlantic
'Underwater Pompeii' Found Off Greece - Rossella Lorenzi, D-News
Why Do So Many People Die Shoveling Snow? - Jo Jolly, BBC News
U.S. Unprepared for Chagas Disease - Rebecca Kreston, Body Horrors
Hand Dryers Blow Bacteria All Over - Sarah Knapton, Telegraph
We Need to Save the Ugly Animals, Too - Carrie Arnold, Nautilus
Wednesday, November 19
Why Is Record Cold Hitting U.S. so Early? - Brian Howard, NatGeo
Why Max Fagin Wants to Die on Mars - Joshua Krisch, Vocativ
Two New Particles Detected at LHC - Sarah Charley, Symmetry
Bdelloid Rotifers May Redefine Sex - Emily Singer, Quanta Magazine
Mother's Microbes Protect Baby's Brain - Ruth Williams, Scientist
Why Organic Farming Isn't Sustainabile - Miller & Cornett, Forbes
Tuesday, November 18
The Fall of Facebook - Alexis Madrigal, The Atlantic
Assembling the 'Platinum' Human Genome - Ewen Callaway, Nature
The Emergence of Quantum Biology - Matthew Cobb, NewScientist
Monkeys Steer Wheelchairs with Thoughts - Dan Vergano, NatGeo
Moms May Hold Key to Slowing Obesity - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
History of Tampons in Ancient Greece - H. King, Wonders & Marvels
Monday, November 17
Should Science End Humankind? - Adam Frank, NPR
Why We Can't 'Backup Earth' - Robert Walker, Science 2.0
The Coming Blackout Epidemic - Nafeez Ahmed, Motherboard
Big Twin Study Hones in on 'Gay Gene' - Andy Coghlan, NewScientist
Alien Life Could Thrive on 'Supercritical' CO2 - Charles Choi, Space
The Curse of the Unlucky Mummy - Rose Eveleth, Nautilus

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