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Tuesday, September 1
Some STDs May Be Good for You - Niki Wilson, BBC Earth
Why Do the Chinese Hate GMOs? - Christina Larson, The New Yorker
What Earth Will Be Like After Climate Change - Lizzie Wade, Wired
Pluto's Snow Poses Conundrum - Alexandra Witze, Nature News
Could a Star Orbit a Planet? - Robert Walker, Science 2.0
Ancient Idol Is 11,000-Years-Old - Anna Liesowska, Siberian Times
Monday, August 31
New Math Could Reveal Hidden Chaos - Tia Ghose, Live Science
Did Our Sun Steal from Another Star? - Ken Croswell, Scientific Am.
Harnessing the Power of 5,000 Suns - Sebastian Anthony, Ars Technica
The Rubber Gloves of Love - Rebecca Kreston, Body Horrors
Agatha Christie: Queen of Crime Chemistry - Kathryn Harkup, CW
Neurologist Oliver Sacks, 1933-2015 - Gregory Cowles, New York Times
Friday, August 28
Sexless & Deathless: Why Golf Is Unnatural - R. Krulwich, Phenomena
Singles' Problem Is Math, Not Hookup Culture - Jon Birger, WaPo
Why We Can't Get Over Ourselves - Nicholas Epley, Nautilus
Ancient Chinese Cave Writings Predict Droughts? - M. Kutner, NW
A Cure for Cyanide Poisoning - Esther Inglis-Arkell, io9
Cambrian Explosion: What Caused the Other Big Bang? - Economist
Thursday, August 27
Einstein: World Citizen, Curmudgeon, Rock Star, Rebel - SciAm
FDA Stiffs Go Limp on Pink Viagra - Josh Bloom, Science 2.0
Sea Level Climbed 3 Inches Since 1992 - Irene Klotz, Reuters
Science, Religion Clash over Hawaii Mountain - Crane & Morales, CNN
Dawn of Life in a $5 Toaster Oven - Johnny Bontemps, Nautilus
Schizophrenics Have Different Throat Bacteria - Alexandra Ossola, PS
Wednesday, August 26
Parenthood: The Great Moral Gamble - Claire Creffield, Nautilus
Women Likelier to Initiate Divorce, But Not Breakup - L. Geggel, LS
2X as Many 'Superbugs' in Conventional Beef - Lena Sun, Wash. Post
Papers with Shorter Titles Get More Citations - Boer Deng, Nature
Saving Gold Miners from Mercury Poisoning - Emma Stoye, C-World
Optimizing Brain's Waste Disposal System - Mo Costandi, Guardian
Tuesday, August 25
Hawking: How to Escape a Black Hole - Michael Rundle, Wired
How Britain Could Have Won Space Race - Richard Hollingham, BBC
Government Funds Scientology Study - Harriet Hall, Sci-Based Med
Startup Adds Base Pairs to Genetic Code - Aaron Krumins, ExTech
When the Truth Hurts - Jess Whittlestone, Aeon Magazine
Death Metal in the Ancient Oceans - Sid Perkins, Science News
Monday, August 24
Did Einstein Really Invent E=MC2? - Tony Rothman, Sci American
'Fire Fountains' Erupted on the Moon - Irene Klotz, Discovery News
What Is Our Universe Made Of? - Melissa Hogenboom, BBC Earth
Ancient Temple in Palmyra Destroyed - Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic
Is 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' Legitimate? - Owen Jarus, LiveScience
1/3 of Americans Don't Know Their Neighbors - Linda Poon, Citylab

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