RealClearScience Evening Edition

Tuesday, February 9
The Odds of Dying - Laura Geggel, LiveScience
Why Ted Cruz's Smile Is Disturbing - Richard Cytowic, Psych Today
The Scientific Problems with Polls - Talal Al-Khatib, Discovery News
A Skeptic Infiltrates a Conspiracy Cruise - April Glaser, Wired
The Hyperloop Industrial Complex - Jason Koebler, Motherboard
Gravitational Wave Rumor Likely True - Joshua Sokol, NewScientist
Monday, February 8
We're Failing at Teaching Teachers - Simon Oxenham, Big Think
Do Big Money Science Prizes Work? - Lawrence Krauss, New Yorker
There's No Such Thing as Pristine Nature - Rachel Nuwer, BBC Future
Weighing the Lightest Particle - Diana Kwon, Symmetry
The Band-Aids for Future Astronauts - Kate Greene, The Atlantic
The Silent Epidemic of Lead Poisoning - Nicholas Kristof, NY Times
Friday, February 5
Is the CDC Drunk? - Ruth Graham, Slate
The Two Big Bangs - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
How Alien Hunters Conquered Astronomy - Eric Berger, Ars Technica
Hawking: Black Holes Could Provide Power - Andrew Griffin, Indep.
The Dark Side of Dolphins - Henry Nicholls, BBC Earth
Talking Birds Disappearing from Wild - Paul Steyn, Nat'l Geographic
Thursday, February 4
Scientists Closing in on Einstein's Ripples - Eric Berger, Ars Technica
Ice Age Beast Honked Like a Dinosaur - Brian Switek, Nat Geographic
Why Americans Are Irrational About Terrorism - Julie Sedivy, Naut
How Bacteria Invented Gene Editing - Colin Barras, BBC Earth
Why Are Scientists Harassing Their Students? - K. Rogers, Mboard
Messing with Birds' Compasses - Tushna Commissariat, Physics World
Wednesday, February 3
The Zika Conspiracies Have Begun - Tara Smith, ScienceBlogs
Germany Switches on Fusion Experiment - Frank Jordans, AP
Mystery of Deep Sea 'Sock' Solved - Rebecca Morelle, BBC News
Killing Worn Cells Makes Mice Live Longer - Ewen Callaway, Nature
Neuroscience and Free Will Rethinking Divorce - C. Jarrett, Sci of Us
Middle-Aged People Are the Least Happy - Damien Gayle, Guardian
Tuesday, February 2
The End of CFL Bulbs Is at Hand - Lily Hay Newman, Slate
The Nazis' Futuristic 'Flying Wing' - Stephen Dowling, BBC Future
'Bullet' Probe Could Find Life on Europa - Sarah Fecht, Pop Science
The Many Mysteries of Uranus - David Moscato, The Atlantic
Where the Candidates Stand on Science - Puneet Kollipara, Sci Insider
Prehistoric Fish Had Buzzsaw of Teeth - Annalee Newitz, Ars Technica
Monday, February 1
Let's Kill All the Mosquitoes - Daniel Engber, Slate
We're the Only Animals With Chins - Ed Yong, The Atlantic
What Foods Looked Like Before Domestication - T. Lewis, Biz Insider
Will Machines Eliminate Us? - Will Knight, MIT Technology Review
DNA Got a Kid Kicked Out of School - Sarah Zhang, Wired
Scientists Get Approval to Edit Human Embryos - Julia Belluz, Vox

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