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Tuesday, May 24
GMO Algae Can Make Medicine from Light, CO2 - Univ of Copenhagen
Chemists Settle Longstanding Methane Debate - Univ. of Michigan
Rechargeable Battery Works in Subfreezing Temp. - Hiroshima Univ.
In Rare Cases, Dementia Patients Eat Their Own Feces - Mayo Clinic
Monday, May 23
Rapid Rise of the Mesozoic Marine Reptiles - University of Bristol
Lots of Sex Brings Changes to Beetle Genitals - University of Exeter
Bacteria in Branches Fertilize Trees - University of Washington
Graphene Boosts Strength of Rubber Films by 50% - Manchester
Friday, May 20
Shooting a Cosmic Flare for E.T. to See - Univ. of Calif.-Santa Barbara
First Evidence of Icy Comets Orbiting Sun-Like Star - U. of Cambridge
Robots Get Creative to Cut Through Clutter - Carnegie Mellon Univ.
OCD: How to Calm an Anxious Mind - Concordia University
Thursday, May 19
Why Is Female Sexuality More Fluid than Male Sexuality? - Wiley
Doctors Don't Die Differently than Anyone Else - Univ. of Colorado
Green Light Could Improve Migraines - EurekAlert!
How Did the Giraffe Get Its Long Neck? - Penn State University
Wednesday, May 18
How Earth's Atmosphere Became Oxygenated - Rice University
Europa's Ocean May Have Earth-Like Chemical Balance - AGU
Why We Confuse Family Member's Name with Dog's Name - Duke
Humans Causing Quakes in Texas Since 1920s - Seismological Society
Tuesday, May 17
The Contagious Cancer That Conquered the World - U. of Cambridge
Father's Age, Lifestyle Associated with Birth Defects - Georgetown U.
High Conductivity Jelly Found in Unique Shark Organ - UCSC
Making Plain Paper Smart with Stenciled Sensor Tags - U Washington
Monday, May 16
Humans Settled in Florida at Least 14.5K Years Ago - Univ. Michigan
Ancient Poem Dated With Astronomy - University of Texas-Arlington
The Van Der Waals Forces of Atoms Measured - University of Basel
Girls From Progressive Societies Better at Math - Queen Mary-U of L

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