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Friday, October 9
Really?! Sex More Likely When Students Drink, Smoke Pot - OSU
'Psychic Robot' Will Know What You Meant to Do - U. of IL-Chicago
Home Isn't Always the Best Place to Die - British Medical Journal
140-Year Fluid Mechanics Enigma Solved - Purdue University
Thursday, October 8
Many Women Experience 'Post-Sex Blues' - Wiley
Peeking into Our Galaxy's Stellar Nursery - University of Florida
Volcanic Eruptions Disrupt Flow of World's Rivers - U. of Edinburgh
Land Plant Ancestors Wired to Move Ashore - Univ. of Wisconsin
Wednesday, October 7
Are Fish the World's Greatest Athletes? - ARC Centre of Excellence
Horse Illness Shares Signs of Human Disease - Univ. of Edinburgh
Bird Feeders Spread Disease Among Birds - Virginia Tech
Laser-Wielding Physicists Seize Control of Atoms - Univ. of Chicago
Tuesday, October 6
The Four Types of Anti-Vaxxers - EurekAlert!
Blueprints for Limbs Encoded in Snake Genome - Univ. of Georgia
Pest Alert! Crops Could Call in Predators for Backup - Cell Press
Breaking Time-Reversal Symmetry - Chalmers Univ. of Technology
Monday, October 5
Can Exercise Be Replaced with a Pill? - Science Daily
High-Fructose Diet Hampers Brain Recovery - UCLA
The Forces That Create the Mitotic Spindle - Rockefeller University
Invasive Plants Regularly Sold Online - ETH Zurich
Friday, October 2
Short, Underweight Men Have Fewer Sex Partners - Chapman U.
Reducing Our Pain Reduces Our Empathy for Others - U. of Vienna
Chimpanzee Personality Linked to Brain Structure - Georgia State U.
Reading the Weather from Inside a Seashell - Geological Soc. of Am.
Thursday, October 1
Eight Big Questions in Cancer Research - Cell Press
Early Life Infections a Risk Factor for Celiac? - Norwegian Institute PH
Arsenic Found in Many U.S. Red Wines - University of Washington
Twitter Behavior Can Predict Users' Income Level - Univ. of Penn.
Wednesday, September 30
Sorry, Butter Isn't Back - Harvard University
Deer-Car Collisions Increase During Breeding Season - U. of Georgia
Fossil Pigment Reveals Color of Extinct Mammals - Virginia Tech
Bacteria in Ancient Flea May Be Black Death Ancestor - Oregon St. U.
Tuesday, September 29
Are Viruses Alive? - University of Illinois
More Extreme Sea Level Swings May Be Coming - U. of Hawaii-Manoa
Tick Saliva Protein May Trigger Allergic Reaction - Cell Press
Blocking Light Improves Preemies' Survival Rates - U. of Montreal

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