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Friday, March 6
Does Higgs Boson Disintegrate into Dark Matter? - Chalmers Univ.
Controlling Information by Mixing Light and Sound - Yale University
Millions of Tons of African Sand Blow Across Atlantic - NASA
Cities Have a Memory and Interact with Neighbors - FECYT
Thursday, March 5
Creative Genius Driven by Distraction - Northwestern University
Hormone Mimics the Effects of Exercise - Univ. of Southern California
Lightning + Volcanic Ash = Glass - Geological Society of America
Genetically, Mammals More Like Their Fathers - U. of North Carolina
Wednesday, March 4
Neuron Acts as 'Cloaking Device' for Synapses - Carnegie Mellon
Olive Oil Can Kill Cancer Cells - Rutgers University
Hospitals Face Growing Threat of Active Shooters - Brown Univ.
The Boy Who Overdosed on Licorice - Elsevier
Tuesday, March 3
Thinking of God Makes People Bigger Risk-Takers - APS
Radical New Treatment for Migraines (PDF) - SIR
Materials of the Future Defy Logic - University of Malta
Sun Impacts Climate More in Cool Periods - Aarhus University
Monday, March 2
What Life on Titan Might Be Like - Cornell University
Ultra-Small Bacteria at Lower Size Limit of Life - Lawrence Berkeley
Where to Go During a Zombie Apocalypse - Science Daily
People with Low Self-Esteem Stay in Bad Relationships - Waterloo
Friday, February 27
A Solution to the Origin of Matter? - UCLA
Brain Is Like Turing's Enigma Codebreaker - Columbia University
Sleeping More than 8 Hours Linked to Stroke - Univ. of Cambridge
One-Minute Test Predicts Post-Operative Recovery - ACS
Thursday, February 26
The Benefits of a Wandering Mind - Bar-Ilan University
How the Brain Triggers Deep Sleep - Imperial College London
The Optimal Eyelash Length - Georgia Tech
Geysers Have Loops in Their Plumbing - Univ. of California-Berkeley
Wednesday, February 25
Why Humans Aren't Catching Chronic Wasting Disease - UCSD
Aspirin Resistance Linked to More Severe Strokes - Am Acad Neuro
'DNA Spellchecker' Means Genes Don't Mutate Equally - CGR
Bird Mimics Toxic Caterpillar to Avoid Being Eaten - EurekAlert!
Tuesday, February 24
Airport Screeners Miss Half of Infected Travelers - eLIFE
Chicken Pox Linked to Another Elderly Disease - U. Colorado-Denver
Jumping 'Junk DNA' Has Essential Function - Universite de Geneve
Ancient & Modern Cities Aren't So Different - Santa Fe Institute

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