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Wednesday, April 1
Stop Blaming the Moon for Stuff - UCLA
Myth Busted: Urine Is Not Sterile - Loyola University
The Bacterial Genetics Behind Body Odor - University of York
Organisms' Hidden Cost of Living with Climate Change - USC
Tuesday, March 31
Climate Change Not Causing Extreme Winters - ETH Zurich
508 Million-Year-Old Lobster-Like Fossil - University of Toronto
Color of Lettuce Linked to Speed of Antioxidant Effect - UBC
Can You Pick Apple's Logo Out of a Lineup? - UCLA
Monday, March 30
70 Minutes of Homework Per Day Is Too Much - APA
Climate Change May Reduce Temperature Variability - Science Daily
More Evidence for Groundwater on Mars - Geological Soc. of America
A Glimpse Inside a Macroscopic Quantum State - ICFO
Friday, March 27
Physicists Solve Low-Temperature Magnetic Mystery - UConn
How a Pesky Virus Can Help Boil Water - Drexel University
Severe Influenza May Indicate Problem w/ Your Genes - EurekAlert!
Crossing Fingers Can Reduce Feelings of Pain - Univ. College London
Thursday, March 26
Mysterious Kidney Disease Killing Dogs in UK - Science Codex
Inclusive Fitness: Reigning Theory of Altruism - Washington Univ.
Are You Biased Against the Obese? Your Nose Knows - UCLA
Thoroughly Modern Millipede - Pensoft Publishers
Wednesday, March 25
Bad News for Aggressive Power-Seekers - University of Utah
Why Men Like Curvy Backsides - University of Texas
Stone Tools Bear 500,000-Year-Old Animal Residue - Tel Aviv Univ.
Milky Way's Center Unveils Supernova 'Dust Factory' - Cornell Univ.
Tuesday, March 24
Additives to Biodegrade Plastics Don't Work - Michigan State Univ.
Counselors, Not Suspensions, Curb Pot Use Among Students - UW
Backup System Helps Sustain a Failing Liver - Montana State Univ.
'Twisted Light' Increases Quantum System Efficiency - Rochester
Monday, March 23
Did a Volcanic Cataclysm Doom Neanderthals? - Geological Society
Bans & Bike Lanes: What Actually Reduces Obesity? - Drexel
Packing Peanuts Can Improve Lithium Ion Batteries - Science Daily
Silicon's Quantum Computing Capability Boosted - Univ. of Surrey

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