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Friday, July 22
What Free Will Looks Like in the Brain - Johns Hopkins University
A Potential New Target for Treating Itch - Washington Univ.-St. Louis
Microbe Kills Off Sons of Infected Mother Butterfly - Univ. of Exeter
Traveling Chimps Likelier to Use Tools - eLIFE
Thursday, July 21
OCD Patients 10 Times Likelier to Commit Suicide - Karolinska Instit.
Same Genes Linked to Happiness, Depression? - University of Oxford
Rocks Chart Earth's Recovery from Extinction - Univ. of Edinburgh
Lemurs, Slow Lorises Seem to Prefer Booze - Dartmouth College
Wednesday, July 20
Human X Chromosome: Untangling the 'Gordian Knot' - Baylor
A Battery Inspired by Vitamins - Harvard University
Key Mechanism for Producing Solar Cells - University of Houston
Chemists Create Tiny Building Blocks - New York University
Tuesday, July 19
A Cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Flare-Ups - U. of Alabama-Birm.
Found: New Venomous Snake in Costa Rica - Univ. of Central Florida
Inner Workings of Atomically Thin Transistors - University of Texas
Weird Quantum Effects Over Hundreds of Miles - MIT
Monday, July 18
City Birds Angrier than Rural Birds - Virginia Tech
One Step Closer to Invisibility Cloak - Queen Mary-University of London
Rare Fungal Compound Reduces Antibiotic Resistance - UVM-Vienna
Study Points to Fast-Acting Drug for OCD - Duke University
Friday, July 15
Indestructible Bridges Could Be a Reality - University of Warwick
Viruses a Major Driver of Human Evolution - EurekAlert!
GMO Bacteria Synthesize Nanowires - University of Massachusetts
Feather-Munching Bacteria Damage Bird Plumage - EurekAlert!
Thursday, July 14
Why Many Diets Are Doomed from the Start - Baylor University
Implant Will Provide a 'Window to the Brain' - UC-Riverside
Novel Microscope Studies Underwater World - UC-San Diego
A Link Between Classical Chaos & Quantum Entanglement - UCSB
Wednesday, July 13
Agile Wallaby: Man's New Best Friend? - Frontiers
Flying Insects Defy Laws of Aerodynamics - New York University
How Do Plants Guard Against Sunburn? (PDF) - Universite de Geneve
Traffic Noise Increases Risk of Heart Attack - EurekAlert!
Tuesday, July 12
Truth in Danger: New Techniques to Stop Journalists - EurekAlert!
First-Ever Restoration of Vision Achieved in Mice - Stanford Univ.
Cicada Love Songs Also Attract an Enemy - University of Florida
Beavers May Restore Imperiled Streams, Fish Populations - Utah St.

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