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Wednesday, July 8
How Children Inherit Their Parents' Anxiety - Univ. of Wisconsin
Extra DNA Acts as 'Spare Tire' for Genome - Am. Chemical Society
How Laughing Gas Works - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gray Squirrels Are Quick Learners - University of Exeter
Tuesday, July 7
Romeo & Juliet: The Mongoose Version - University of Exeter
Why the Seahorse's Tail Is Square - University of California-San Diego
The Very Hungry Sea Anemone - National Oceanography Centre
Seafaring Spiders Rely on 'Sails' and 'Anchors' - BioMed Central
Monday, July 6
Rare Stellar Encounter to Produce Fireworks in 2018 - NASA
Protein Structure Allows Tuning of Enzymes - Umea University
REM Sleep Critical for Young Brains - Washington State University
Old World Monkey Had Tiny, Complex Brain - Duke University
Friday, July 3
When Will Yellowstone Erupt Again? - Arizona State University
Single-Celled Predator Has Human-Like 'Eye' - U. of British Columbia
Why Human Egg Cells Don't Age Well - RIKEN
Snake Skin-Inspired Surfaces Greatly Reduce Friction - IOP
Thursday, July 2
Cosmic Model Favors 'Big Rip' Demise - Vanderbilt University
Major Midwest Flood Risk Greatly Underestimated - Washington U.
A Centipede from Hell - Pensoft Publishers
Virus-Carrying Mosquitoes More Widespread than Ever - eLIFE
Wednesday, July 1
1 in 3 U.S. Adults Owns at Least One Gun - British Medical Journal
First-Ever Possible Treatments for MERS - Univ. of Maryland
Rare Gene Variant Linked to Ear Infections - Baylor College of Med.
Shattering Stubborn Mystery of How Glass Forms - U. of Waterloo
Tuesday, June 30
Found: New Fundamental Property of Light - RIKEN
Corals Already Adapting to Global Warming - University of Texas
Iron as a Biological Element - University of Wisconsin
What Causes Glacial Earthquakes? - Newcastle University
Monday, June 29
What Do Rats Dream About? - University College London
Cat Owners in Denial About Wildlife Harms - University of Exeter
The Downside of Being an Attractive Fruit Fly - Univ. of Queensland
A New Route to Ultrafast Photonic Circuitry - Lawrence Berkeley Lab

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