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Monday, June 27
Scientists Modeling Universe With General Relativity - Think
Further Steps Towards Artificial Photosynthesis - University of Basel
Hair, Feathers, & Scales Came From Same Ancestor - Science Daily
Insects Used Camouflage 100 Million Years Ago - EurekAlert!
Friday, June 24
Why Some Mammals Went Back to the Sea - EurekAlert!
Particle Zoo in a Quantum Computer - Universitat Innsbruck
Airplanes Make Clouds Brighter - Stockholm University
94M-Year-Old Event Offers Clues to Climate Change - Florida State U.
Thursday, June 23
Termites Provide Earliest Evidence of Agriculture - Science Daily
Why Some Reptiles Evolved Hair and Whiskers - EurekAlert!
Bears Use Human Shields to Protect Cubs -
Prediction: The Universe Is Crowded With Black Holes - RIT
Wednesday, June 22
A Mathematical Equation for Rogue Waves - Science Daily
Model Could Allow Machines to Make Moral Choices - Northwestern
The First "Wind Nebula" Around a Magnetar - NASA
"Coral Zombies" May Spell Doom for Reefs - Univ. of Central Florida
Tuesday, June 21
One Major Reason Water Is Necessary for Life - Ohio State University
Saving Heirloom Wheat from Extinction - Clemson University
'Space Tsunami' Causes Third Van Allen Belt - University of Alberta
Large Study Yields Insights on Migraine Genetics - Univ. of Helsinki
Monday, June 20
Differences Between Men, Women Who Kill - Univ. of Gothenburg
Mammals Almost Wiped Out with Dinosaurs - University of Bath
Rare Blind Catfish Found in Texas Cave - University of Texas
World's First 1,000-Processor Chip - University of California-Davis
Friday, June 17
New Device Selects the Fittest Sperm - Florida Atlantic University
How Fat Becomes Lethal Without Weight Gain - Johns Hopkins
Mosquito Saliva Increases Severity of Dengue Fever - EurekAlert!
ALMA Observes Most Distant Oxygen Ever - ESO

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