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Wednesday, November 25
Earth Not Due for Geomagnetic Reversal in Near Future - MIT
How the Earth's Pacific Plates Collapsed - Australian National Univ.
Climate Grinds Mountains Faster than They Can Be Rebuilt - Texas
Want to Remember New Names? Sleep on It - B&W Hospital
Tuesday, November 24
Using MRI to Find Where Happiness Happens - Kyoto University
Sunday Is a Day of Rest... for Fires - University of Melbourne
Cyanobacteria Likely Responsible for Earth's Oxygen - U. Waterloo
Economic Significance of Cities Rises, Countries Falls - U. Basque
Monday, November 23
Kaon Decay Could Challenge Principles of Physics - Southampton
Quantum Entanglement at Room Temperature - University of Chicago
Superconductivity Goes Through Flat Land - Aalto University
New Detector Perfect for Asteroid Mining - Vanderbilt University
Friday, November 20
Refrigerating Liquid with a Laser - University of Washington
Dark Matter Dominates Nearby Dwarf Galaxy - CalTech
'Raisin Test' Predicts Toddler's Future Academic Ability - Warwick
Buddhist Meditation Can Reduce Racism - University of Sussex
Thursday, November 19
Radiation Leaves Most Earth-Like Planets Uninhabitable - Warwick
Why Do Batteries Age? - Technische Universitat Munchen
Fungus Causes Emerging Snake Disease - Am. Society for Microbiology
What's in a Name? More than You Think - University of York
Wednesday, November 18
Half of World's Natural History Specimens Misnamed? - U. Oxford
Puget Sound's Healthy Microbes in Decline - Univ. of Washington
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Is Stem Cell Disease - Ottawa Hospital
Being at 'High Risk' of Ill Health Is Now Its Own Disease - BMJ
Tuesday, November 17
Which Nation's Citizens Are Most Dishonest? - Univ. of East Anglia
Not so Happy Old Age? - University of Bradford
Programmable Glasses to Treat 'Lazy Eye' - Am. Acad. Opthalmology
Facial Paralysis Gives Insight on Social Interaction - U. Copenhagen
Monday, November 16
A New Laser for Fusion Power - Imperial College London
'Fool's Gold Battery' Possible Alternative to Lithium Ion - EMPA
Ancient Fossil Makes Three Species Become One - Univ.y of Oxford
How Seniors Can Match Professional Cyclists - Univ. of Copenhagen

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