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Friday, July 31
Prostate Cancer Is Five Different Diseases - Cancer Research UK
Stomach Acidity Did Not Evolve Just for Digestion - NC State Univ.
Single Hair Shows What Bear Has Been Eating - Washington State U.
Hormones Influence Unethical Behavior - University of Texas
Thursday, July 30
Why Conformity Can Be a Good Thing - University of British Columbia
A New Litmus Test for Chaos - American Institute of Physics
New Catalyst Breaks Strong Bonds First - Princeton University
Cell Phones Steal Data from 'Air-Gapped' Computers - Ben-Gurion U.
Wednesday, July 29
A Single Mutation Made Corn Edible - University of Wisconsin
Some Vaccines Cause Evolution of More Virulent Viruses - PSU
What Caused the Viking Age? - University of York
Material with Record-Setting Melting Point Predicted - Brown U.
Tuesday, July 28
Know It's a Placebo? It Could Still Work - University of Colorado
Sleep Makes Memories More Accessible - University of Exeter
Where the Brain Unites Our Eyes' Double Vision - U. of Wisconsin
Premature Birth Linked to Withdrawn Personality - U. of Warwick
Monday, July 27
Body Fat Sends Signals to the Brain, Affecting Stress - Florida
Overeating May Be Due to Hormone Deficiency - Science Daily
Highest-Ranking Rooster Announces Break of Dawn - Nagoya Univ.
Does Dark Matter Act Lke Well-Known Particle? - EurekAlert!
Friday, July 24
Boa Constrictors Don't Kill by Suffocation - J. of Experimental Biology
DNA Folds Like Instant Noodles - Lomonosov Moscow State University
Are High School Biology Teachers Properly Educated? - AIBS
Transgender Youth Have Typical Hormone Levels - CHLA
Thursday, July 23
American Revolution-Era Shipwreck Found - Duke University
Golden Ratio in 'The Creation of Adam'? - Wiley
Plate Tectonics: A Planetary Sweet Spot - UC-Santa Barbara
Finding Life's Origins in a Drying Puddle - Georgia Tech
Wednesday, July 22
Will Perovskite Revolutionize Solar Cells? - Argonne National Lab
Why Are Adolescent Friendships so Fleeting? - Florida Atlantic Univ.
Keystone Genes: Which Are Most Important? - Universite du Luxembourg
Novel Structures Built from DNA - Arizona State University
Tuesday, July 21
Neuroscientists Decipher Brain's Noisy Code - Rice University
Why Cats Get Diarrhea - University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
'Black Panthers' Reveal Their Leopard's Spots - Univ. of Nottingham
'Perfect Lens': The Magic of Metamaterials - Michigan Technological U.

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