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Friday, April 24
Millimeter-Sized Stones Formed Our Planet - Max Planck Institute
Backache: A Matter of Mechanics - EurekAlert!
More Cars, More Traffic? Not for Ants! - Springer
Evolution Makes Invasive Species Spread Faster - Univ. of Zurich
Thursday, April 23
Myth Busted: Tolerant Dogs, Aggressive Wolves - UVM-Vienna
Amazing, New, Super-Fast MRI Technology - University of Illinois
Eating Yogurt Doesn't Appear to Improve Health - FECYT
143 Million Americans at Risk from Strong Earthquakes (PDF) - SSA
Wednesday, April 22
Earth's Oldest Fossils Aren't Actually Fossils - University of Oxford
Pulsing Light May Indicate Black Hole Merger - Univ. of Maryland
Color of Light May Impact How We Sense Time - Univ. of Manchester
Living Life in the Third Person - EurekAlert!
Tuesday, April 21
For U.S. Teachers, Classroom Is a Lonely Place - Boston College
Even with 'Virgin Births', Males Are Still Needed - Okinawa Institute
How to Clear the Skies of Space Debris - RIKEN
Violent Anti-Semitic Attacks Spiked in 2014 - Tel Aviv University
Monday, April 20
The Link Between Income, Brain Structure, and Academics - MIT
New Artificial Blood Vessel Created - Univ. of California-San Diego
U.S. Teachers Collaborate Less Often - EurekAlert!
Are Magnesium Ion Batteries the Future? - Univ. of Illinois-Chicago
Friday, April 17
A Camera that Powers Itself - Columbia University
Molecule Tricks Viruses into Mutating to Death - Univ. of Chicago
Capitanian: A 'Missing' Sixth Mass Extinction? - Geological Society
Teachers Likelier to Label Black Students 'Troublemakers' - APA
Thursday, April 16
First Sign of Self-Interacting Dark Matter? - European Southern Obs.
Chimps Show Ability to Plan Route in Mazes - Georgia State Univ.
Warming Seas May Threaten Seafood Menu - University of Exeter
Six Major Questions about HIV/AIDS - Elsevier
Wednesday, April 15
Why Do Humans Have Chins? - University of Iowa
Making Objects Invisible without Metamaterial Cloaks - ITMO Univ.
America's Smartest Kids Are Being Neglected - University of Iowa
1 in 3 Sexually Assaulted Teen Boys Attempts Suicide - U. of Buffalo
Tuesday, April 14
Tylenol Reduces Both Pain and Pleasure - The Ohio State University
Taste, Color of Wine Depend on Production Methods - Elsevier
Psychologists' Treatment Methods May Not Matter - U. Manchester
Can We Get Norovirus from Our Dogs? - Am. Society for Microbiology

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