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Friday, October 31
Are Your Sexual Fantasies Normal? - University of Montreal
Can Parents Make Their Kids Smarter? - Florida State University
Architecture Imitates Cell Biology - Univ. of California-Santa Barbara
Heart's Own Immune Cells Help It Heal - Wash. Univ. in St. Louis
Thursday, October 30
Brain Abnormalities in Chronic Fatigue Patients - Stanford Univ.
More Daylight Saving Time May Be Good for Health - LSHTM
Global Outbreaks: Good News & Bad News - Brown University
Basketball Floppers Are Hurting the Team - Ben-Gurion University
Wednesday, October 29
Is Your Kid Coughing? Give Him a Placebo - Penn State Univ.
Ultrasound Visualization Helps Kids Pronounce 'R' - New York U.
Why Down's Syndrome Patients Develop Alzheimer's - SBMRI
A New Window on the Nanoscopic World - McGill University
Tuesday, October 28
Lucky Star Survives Bite from Black Hole - The Ohio State University
New Evidence for Exotic Superconducting State - Brown University
Lou Gehrig's Disease Caused by Protein Aggregation - Cornell Univ.
Kidney Stones Linked to Higher Bone Fracture Risk - ASN
Monday, October 27
Ebola Is More Than 16 Million Years Old - University of Buffalo
Past Climate Change Caused by Ocean, Not Just Carbon - Rutgers
Astronomers Image Spectacular, Explosive Nova - EurekAlert!
Tweak Could Hugely Increase Lasers' Output - Princeton University
Friday, October 24
Baby Cries Reveal Maternal Cocaine Exposure - U. of North Carolina
Cause of Aging Remains Elusive - Universitat Bonn
Molecules in Titan's Atmosphere Oddly Skewed - NRAO
Individual Metropolises Now Global Political Players - Uppsala Univ.
Thursday, October 23
What Americans Fear the Most - Chapman University
A Triplet Threat from the Sun - American Institute of Physics
T-Cells: From Specialists to Generalists? - Brown University
European Lactose Intolerance Persisted for Millennia - UC Dublin
Wednesday, October 22
Kids Who Drink Non-Cow Milk Have Low Vitamin D - St. Michael's
Fish Just Wanna Have Fun - University of Tennessee-Knoxville
New Tarantula Species Named After John Lennon - Pensoft
Tuesday, October 21
Reading Glasses: A Thing of the Past? - Am. Academy of Opthalmology
Anxiety over Antipsychotics - Euro. College Neuropsychopharmacology
Large DNA Crystals with Complex Shapes - Harvard University
Female Monkeys Prefer the Color Red - University of Rochester

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